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yup, the 8051 has many manydevelopment kits... we just have to find the good one. As you say, an ICE could be better, keep in mind there is that little extra memory on the board too :)
i think there are some C compilers made for the 8051.
We just have to find that kit, dump all the Viewsonic's code, analyse it (in assembler i guess :( ) and add some functions.
The best thing i could think of is the development of an interface, serial i guess, on a PC (or laptop... :) ) that would control the Myson. So everyone with a PC could customize his settings, save them in the Myson, unplug and enjoy !

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Will the VB50HRTV improve the image of an InFocus LP350 portable data pj? Thanks.
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Here you go my friend... :
LP350 and VB50 review

This is for a NON- modified VB50...

now i just got rid of the filters, and i'm planning on doing some modds... i haven't tried the modded VB50 yet.

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I may not be using this modded unit from Ken Hotte after all.
If any one wants it at my cost email me. Thanks, Mark
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I sent you an e-mail. Thanks, Nomad
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Just got your email Damon!
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Originally posted by mburnstein
Just got your email Damon!

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Here is my review - with comparison to DScaler!

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Received my VB50 yesterday and had a few moments to play with it last night. First off, the remote isn't working properly. Every once and again (once every 2 minutes or so) I'd get one response, but that wasn't good enough to really test out what the thing can do. I'm going to get some fresh batteries today (can you believe I didn't have any spare AAAs in the house?) and give it another go tonight. My initial impressions are a bit mixed though. I only had time enough to try some SSX Tricky from my Game Cube with this. The intro movie looked like absolute crap, with everything combing like crazy. Actual gameplay, though looked a quite a bit better, but still more combing that I ever got from DScaler in HMGreedy (a little bit compared to none at all). Aliasing was much more apparent and solid color fields were very noisy. Its not bad, but I still prefer DScaler for this purpose. Of course, I had no chance to really try anything other than SVideo at 640x480 and everything else at default. Also, I feel that the audio passthrough on this thing is a joke. Everything sounded like it was in a tin can with a large dose of distortion thrown in. That can be worked around easily, but just one more mark against it. If I can get the remote working, I'll try out all the options and do some viewing from DVD sources and from my Dreamcast to get some better idea of what its worth. If not, its going back.

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Man, 640*480 is the very worst resolution on that thing.... i don't know why since it doesn't have too much work to do.
800*600 sounds like the best one to a lot of people. I think 1024*768 isn't bad at all.
I'm sure with some new batteries in your control, you'll enjoy the thing.

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Just caught up with the last coupla days traffic.

Ken, sorry to hear you won't be continuing with the modified units. Rather than wast all the hard work, perhaps you might post at least some of the mods on this thread so those of us with the skill/bravery can have a go ourselves? (Our risk of course)

Either way, thanks for all the hard work!

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Rob, i opened a thread about removing the filters. :)

Ken... you are welcome to input any of your secrets in there ^_^

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New batteries helped, but only a little. It seems that the remote just doesn't like to function more than once or twice within a 10 minute span. Managed to get the preferences set for 75Hz Refresh (any reason I should go back to 60? I haven't noticed a difference yet), the Mode set for Sports and the resolution set for 800x600. I really haven't noticed much difference from the factory defaults, but really, its not bad. Of course, after all that fiddling there wasn't much time for comparative testing last night (I'm also currently suffering from a strange DScaler error claiming no memory allocated for DMA which keeps it from starting; posted about it in the HTPC forum, but no useful feedback yet, so no direct comparison possible there for the moment). Going just from memory, I'd say there are advantages to both the VB50 and DScaler. The VB50 of course is simpler, easier, and will drastically streamline my cabling if I decide to go strictly with it. DScaler though, has a certain liquidy smoothness to it, I suppose a more 3D feel (anyone have any idea what's causing this perceived difference?). Game Cube was better in some ways but not quite as good in others over the VB50. Dreamcast actually was just a bit better all around, and really getting in there on that last 10% of PQ when compared to the straight VGA cabling, so its actually performing quite impressively. All around, I noticed that the Sports Mode apparently reduced combing to a very minimal amount (still catch a flicker of it every once and again). Still need to get DScaler working again for direct comparisons and still need to take a look at DVD source, so I'll be back.

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Many thanks! I found the other thread. Please keep up the good work and I hope Ken joins in.

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Well since I already have my computer and the picture is good enough (I'm not a huge TV fan) it seems like running the VB50 may improve picture quality but adds to my clutter. I really like my streamlined rack (four pieces: PC, Reciever, Dreamcast, CD Carosel). The remote and lack of boot up certainly are nice, and to my untrained eye differes between 800x600 and 1024-768 did not exist on a 4:3 image about 6' high.

I'm going to unload my wonder box for what I paid ($96) including fedex shipping since to return it I'll have to pay shipping anyway (and possibly a restocking fee). So if you're interested in picking one up at a decent cost check out the ad on the classified board.
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p.s. I forgot to mention that while I enjoy my huge screen (9' wide with 16:9 material and zoomed out on my VT540), when watching tv I like it in about an 80" diag box which my HTPC lets me do... I find it fatiguing and strnagely too large (can somehting be too large?) to watch tv fully expanded.
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Well, it was a massive project to get my PC up and running DScaler again (had to format/reload, and the floppy hardware on my motherboard has apparently burnt out; just trust that it was an adventure :p), but now I've got it up and I was able to sloppily A/B Dscaler and the VB50. The VB50 stacks up surprisingly well in picture clarity and, for the most part, sharpness of detail. The color is very strong, which for my video game consoles is fine (actually a bit preferable; still tweaking about with DScaler to mimic these more eye popping color values), but was unnatural for the most part with any sort of DVD material. DVD from my Hollywood+ via SVideo was very similar in quality to the same hardware doing video overlay via the VGA passthrough. It was hard to get the color to match well given the coarseness of the VB50's adjustments, but if you can live with slightly more "vivid" coloring, it did very well. However, neither of these solutions holds up well to even my old PowerDVD 3.0 that was packed in with my DVD drive, but since they're both non-progressive solutions, would you really expect them to? The main problem I ran into was combing. Mostly, it wasn't a problem. With the Game Cube (if you don't count any of the lackluster quality intro movies on some of the games), live action DVDs, CG DVDs (like Bug's Life), and high quality anime transfers (like Princess Mononoke), I didn't really notice any combing. However with my Dreamcast (especially Soul Calibur), and the majority of my anime collection, there was considerable combing with quick motions.

Still at odds about what to do with the device. Its a very well done unit, and has lots of possible uses outside of my main rig (building a cheap small TV out of a cheap 15" monitor, etc.) I don't have any projection gear that might have need of an external scaler, but I can attest to the quality scaling the unit provides. The deinterlacing is just not on par with Dscaler, and even my old Voodoo4 scales at least as well as the VB50. On the upside, it is plug and play with simple controls and a remote (which I did finally get working; I think that the sensor inside the main unit just needed to "warm up" or something), doesn't require a PC to be used (or would be useful for those stuck with lower end PCs that wouldn't be able to really take advantage of DScaler), and has absolutely no input signal noise (though it does seem to have a bit of output signal noise; if you look close, just about all pixels seem to be "sizzling"; I imagine that the filter removal mod from the output would fix that).

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If you still have the VB50, I'm interested.
Email me at hausandr@attbi.com

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Here is still another variation on the Viewsonic, XGA Theater; Scancom Tuner/Scaler box. The Zinwell home page is up and running again and reading their description of their 'ProV' it says: "If you use a 16:9 TV set watching 16:9 program, you have to choose 16:9 Mode or 16:9 (4:3 Pillarbox)." Does the Viewsonic/XGA model offer the same format? Also if you go to their site (they appear to be the manufacturers), they refer elsewhere to their Real Scan PV300 model with component input on the "next generation'. It appears to me almost identical except in chassis design. The Zinwell home page is here: http://www.zinwell.com.tw/

Max Christoffersen
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VB50 has 848X480 but some PJ has a hardtime sync'ing to that as PJ mistaken it for VGA (640X480). CRT can get this squeeze mode withou problems. Thus, I agree with you that the 2 units look very similar in specs, connections, and function.
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Hey Huey

Can you feed component video into the RGB input of the VB50 and have it work? I thought it needed true RGB there to work? I haven't tried this yet!

Did you ever find out how to change the LT150 aspect ratio to view 16:9 anamorphic DVDs when in RGB input mode? I called NEC yesterday and got a .pdf file of information about all the PC Control codes but so far I haven't found out how to do this. It is not an obvious command. The pdf file is over 400 pages!

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Hi Tyee

THe RB50 won't take component (The RGB is a passthrough, not an input).

What did you get from NEC? AFAIK there are no NEC components inthe VB50. I'm confused :)

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VGA passthrough on VB50 will pass component signals via component male->VGA female breakout cable beautifully. The unit filters and enhance the signals better than plugging in directly into LT150 PJ's VGA port. I make my own breakout cable by splicing in 3 RG6 cables with F female->RCA male adaptors (3 foot lengths) into VB50's passthrough and then 15 foot VGA coaxial cable into LT150's VGA port and it works wonderfully. The trick is most commercial breakout cable has VGA male end and VB50 accepts female VGA into its pass through so you'll need gender changer or make your own cable.

You can do aspect via RGB if you have serial cable and HTPC to hack the LT150. Not sure how but it's been done. May be post a direct question on the PJ forum or search for "LT150 serial" at AVS.
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For those who are interested in PAL compatibility, AV Toolbox this morning advised that their TV-4000 XGA Theater model is also available with PAL Tuners as well as being PAL compatible in its scaling (This has been commented on previously; but not tuner compatibility). Their model sells at $129.00 - ask for Dan.

They are here: www.avtoolbox.com

Max Christoffersen
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Could I see a show of hands on those folks who ordered and have received one of Ken's modded Viewsonics? I've had one on order and paid for since at least January 18, but can't seem to get it delivered. It's for sale, by the way, if it gets here. Thanks - Pat
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Goo man is slow for mods due to multiple demands on his life (Goo paint, modded Zoltrix TV cards, modded LT150, HTPC, modded video cards, modded VB50HRTV, and lord knows what else). I'd remind him (email him daily for 1 week and if no response then publically post (new post and keep it bumped to 1st page daily for 1 week, not buried in one like this) in video processor, digital PJ, CRT, HTPC, and screen forums) of your growing impatience. May be he forgot about you. $260 is nothing to sneeze at. Good luck.
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So how similar are the VB50 and the TV-4000? Are they essentially identical in their results? Do they have the same chips inside?
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Same except TV-4000 supports PAL TV and made by tvone while VB50 is NTSC TV only and made by Viewsonic. VB50 has wideVGA (852X480 resolution in addition to VGA, SVGA, and XGA) while TV-4000 is VGA, SVGA, and XGA only. Both used the same chipset. VB50 is black while TV-4000 is off-white. Zinwell has similar processor. These are a step below the Briteview or AVT-3700 due to no component support and worst deinterlacers.
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