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Originally Posted by elmalloc View Post

This might be interesting, an actual granite cocktail cabinet!

Clearly you'll never be moving that machine once set up
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I haven't, but if they existed I might consider them.
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Yep, I use them on mine. But thems gotta be some serious heavy duty casters! And no rugs!
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My next arcade project. A cocktail cabinet I'll name "Spinal Cab!":

(not to scale)
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XD. OK formica or marbelized vinyl then.

My buddy said the vinyl is tough to "keep on" and stay where it's supposed to go. Why? Is it like a sticker? Why does it move?
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It is like a big sticker. They can peel off over time as people catch corners and edges. Kids can pick at it, etc.
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another benefit of not having kids
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