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Integrating the Old with the New
Author: Blake and Laura Jochum
How we installed a completely integrated home technology system in a 98 year old house.

I get control over all the electronics, and she gets control of everything else. That's the deal we made with each other at the beginning of the project. After all, being the manager of the residential systems division and lead residential systems designer at All Pro Sound, would you expect me to not do something special in my own home? After 17 plus years of doing it for everyone else, I was getting to do it for meand Laura, my wife.

My first decision was to do a completely integrated system. Integrating all subsystems including audio/video, automated lighting control, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control, security control, and motorized window treatments. I let Laura pick out the colors of the wall-mounted devices, such as the lighting and shading control keypads and touch screens. She also picked the fabrics for the motorized window treatments.

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