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Ok, after waiting a few months for much of the dust to settle on Converter Boxes; and after reading the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on all these things; I went for this Model.

It works great on the 10 year old 32" Trinitron.

It gets all digital stations in our area except one; which is strange because the other TVs in the house pull it in at 100% signal strength. That would be station 51-1 (RF52). This will not be a problem because the RF will change to 48 or 49 next Feb. It gets about 30 usable digitals in all.

The stereo sound is "excellent". It is actually, much clearer and has much better serparation then the Sony's built in Surround Sound. The box come set up as Mono Sound - so you have to go into "setup" to change it to stereo.

The remote seems flimsy, so have no idea how long it will last; but it does what it is supposed to. The "Guide" button is nice, as well as the "Display" that provides full program content information (Something the new $2,000 Panasonic Plasma in the Den does not do? Arggg!). As most of you know the remote with this unit will turn both the TV and Converter "on" or "off" via two separate buttons at the top.

Instant "recall" is nice, as is "favorite" channel select (list).

One thing that is really nice is the "custom" Zoom feature for "each" channel. This works great for the primary HD stations (id 2-1, 8-1, 11-1, 13-1, 20-1, 26-1, 39-1) I have set each one to full crop, meaning no black bars any where. But the cool thing is each station can be different (something else lacking on the $2,000 Panasonic UM?)

I have had the unit about 1 week - and no problems so far.