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So I'm driving around Tulsa today and I decided to check out the Velodyne dd 15 even though it's out of my price range. I remember reading that the DD 18 was, at least at one time, considered one of the world's best. Craigsub's rankings put it kinda mid-pack especially considering it's price.

I have to tell you though. This was THE cleanest sub I've ever heard. It didn't have killer slam but it was set up in a fairly real world environment in that there were not much acoustic treatments done to the room (intentionally). It was incredibly smooth and I started to wonder if this sub was an accurate representation of what an Epik Valor or an HSU ULS-15 would sound like.

I thought, as well as many other "audiophiles", that my subs sounded clean and not boomy at all. Well, this Velo made me start rethinking all of that. Now my dual subs ( M&K MX-350 and a DIY box with a 12" Titanic MKlll) have much more slam but after hearing what clean bass sounds like, I am really wondering if going with a powerful sealed sub might be the answer.

I'm thinking dual Valors or eventually, dual ULS 15's. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I was originally thinking Epik Castle or an MFW 15 due to shear output. I just wonder if they are going to have the "clean" presentation that the Velo did.