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LG BH200 + Sony Bravia

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I bought the BH200 back in March '08, hooked it up to my Sony Bravia KDL52XBR2 via HDMI and it was working just fine for several months. Recently, after the LG load up screen finishes I get a brief "Unsupported signal. Check device output." message, then a blank screen. I can't even see the Home menu over HDMI.

I tried switching the resolution on the BH200 and the Sony detects the new resolution with each change, yet there's still just a blank screen. I tried 3 different HDMI cables and all the different HDMI ports on the Sony with the same result. However, I do get a picture via the composite and component video outputs.

The Sony recognizes the 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 480p resolution settings over HDMI and, until recently I was able to watch BluRay, HD-DVD and standard DVDs. Finally, I upgraded to the 0620A firmware and the 0702 driver with no change.

Could it be some setting got changed (possibly by my less than tech savvy roommie) and the Sony no longer understands what the BH200 is putting out over HDMI?

I'd rather no spent the $70 to get it "repaired" if I don't have to. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated.

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see the main thread on enabling PAL output on BH200 - maybe your TV does not recognize PAL input???
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There might be some relation to the problems that I experienced with my BH200.

I have a similar setup to yours - a BH200 with a Bravia tv. From the get-go I received the 'unsupported signal' message when I hooked it up via HDMI, so I settled for component hookups with an optical cable for sound.

Recently I dropped my BH200 off at a repair shop because I wanted to hook it up via HDMI. After a few days at the shop, the repair guy said something about needing a new mainboard. Thankfully it's covered under the warranty.

Wouldn't your BH200 also be under warranty if you bought it in March of this year?
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I own the Sony KDL-46XBR4 and can guarantee that it doesn't support PAL video. In fact, that's about the only feature it doesn't support that I wish it had (other than firewire, which nearly no television has anymore).

So I assume that the original poster hacked the LG BH200 to support region-free playback...doing so enabled PAL output, which on certain TV's (like Sony's) causes the "unsupported signal" message.

My understanding is that it is still usable, as it will return to outputting HD content when a BD or HD DVD is inserted. I believe it also outputs NTSC when a NTSC DVD is inserted.
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