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Media Center, Music Server, Video Server? What do I need?
Author: Gregg Cannon
In this article I try to give you a brief description of the products and then break them down and highlight their features.

As an electronics consumer, you've been hearing for years how that someday the A/V industry and the computer industry will converge (or at best get along). That someday your whole rack of equipment can be reduced to a few small appliance type devices that give you all the capabilities of a room full of equipment. You'll have the ability to control your lights, HVAC, audio, video, DVDs, and more from a single remote, touch screen devices strategically placed throughout the house or from your phone or office. Well ... it's here ... but it is confusing.

Over the past few years I have seen vast improvements between these two industries and their technologies and how they are coming together. It has been painful to say the least but they are getting there. These two industries, which are separate and still battle over how music and video should be stored, organized, played, and streamed, are finally burying the hatchet and are working together to provide simple but powerful integrated solutions for customers.

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