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Best Projector for Ps3

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hello all,
i dont have a playstation 3, but i will hopefully by friday its getting sent today.. now im just wandering which of these 2 projectors would be better suited to the playstation 3 (for games and blu-ray)

the BenQ W500.....or.....Sharp DT500
i can have them both for about $900AUD

thanks in advance
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Check out:

Both have pros and cons. Lens shift, ansi, 1080p, etc....

PJ's are a big step. Need to know throw distance, screen size, angle, light controlled, color correction controls.
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well from my room size im looking at about 120" diagonal.. will only really use projector from late afternoon to night time.. and can be light controlled anyway...
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Keep in mind that a projector is not necessarily the ideal display option for video games. One, you have cycle time on the bulb - if you play for a short period (say less than an hour) you are actually using up at least an hour of bulb time. Second, if you play games like me they tend to be long stretches. Pretty easy to use up your bulb life quick with 8 hour marathon sessions of Oblivion or what have you. While this affects movies too, personally I tend to play more games during the day which means controlling light is an even bigger issue.

That said, games do look gorgeous on my Sanyo PLV-Z5.

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i bet it looks good.. yer i dont play a huge amount of games but when i do it will be after i settle down from work.. and i'm not home muh but yer i see where your coming from..
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How are you mounting this? Table or ceiling, I ask, because one of these PJ's doesn't offer lens shift but keystone-ing instead.

I would post this subject in the PJ forum (pjs under 3500).

Either one you really can't go wrong with. Just don't expect a high end picture. I had a Sanyo Z4 and now a JVC Rs1 and it's night and day. You get what you pay for.
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xcracer, DLP projectors can throw a very nice image, but make sure you are not succeptable to the "Rainbow Effect" before buying one. If my menory serves me the Sharp 500 is DLP while the BenQ is an LCD...
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I don't know about the best, but I'm using the Epson HC 400, which was replaced by the Epson 720, and I'm very happy with my results. I have absolutely no complaints about the projector. It's an LCD, and screen door effect is present, but I really need to be hugging the screen in order for it to bother me. From my close seating range of 6 feet back, it has never been an issue for me.

I particularly like how bright this projector is. I can use it during the day with my windows curtained with little to no problems.

Good luck and take the time to research! When I first started looking, I almost bought a 400$ SD projector. I'm very glad I put in the research to buy the best I could afford.
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sanyo z4 is a fantastic little pj... and can be found cheap since it's the 2005 model.
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I absolutely love my Mitsubishi HC1500 720p DLP projector. I got mine on Amazon for $790, but have read they are as low as $600 on these forums.

I have a 1080p Samsung LCD and well, they're pretty comparable.

An absolute steal, in my opinion.
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Here are some older pics of my Panasonic AE10000 going to a 133" screen. The latest Panny is the AE20000 (even better). I cant see it being any better then this (I know it might, but theres no need to since its been flawless for me). Its true about gamming on a projector though. I do most gamming o nthe LCD (such as long Rock Band sessions). I save the projector now for key TV (sports) and Blueray movies.

43" LCD and Projector

Full 133" Screen.

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Obviously, the lamp life is an issue. But I say a projector is ideal for gaming. If my bulb burns out, I'll buy another.

I've held Rockband sessions the last three Fridays until the wee hours of the morning; my friends love it.

There's no comparing my Samsung 40" 1080p LCD vs Mitsu 720p DLP projector on 100" screen; I'll pick the projector everytime. Once you try it, I'm sure you will, too. You can get a surprisingly clear picture with a good amount of ambient light, as well.

The Mitsu 1500C runs HDMI; I can watch DirecTV HD, PS3/Blu, and my PC on 100" HD. Excellent.
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