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Wireless HTIB Suggestions $700 and Under

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I'm new to all this, so I apologize in advance if further down the line I end up asking a few 'dumb' questions. Anyway, here's what I currently have:

Samsung LN46A750 television, an Apple TV, a PS3, and a cable box (I mention that only for the HDMI inputs).

Soooo, what would the recommendations be for an HTIB for roughly $700? I want as wireless as possible. I'm considering either a system with multiple (wireless) speakers or a soundbar. From my readings on this board I know that soundbars aren't the best for all room sizes. The room for this system is a rectangular 19' X 12' room. I figure that's small enough for the soundbar to work well if that's the route I go. Also, please keep in mind the amount of HDMI inputs I will need.

Thanks in advance for all your input. It's due to my reading these boards that I picked up the television I now own and love.

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Skip the HTIB. You can get a very capable AV receiver, 5 speakers and a subwoofer and a wireless Rocketfish for the surrounds for about $100 more than your budget that will blow away any $700 HTIB. 2 pairs of Athena LS100 and a LSC100 center channel from Audiadvisor.com for $300. Velodyne VX-10 Subwoofer from exponj.com for $127. Rocketfish wireless speaker transmitter/receiver for about $90 on sale at various electronics stores. Pioneer vsx-818 receiver on sale at bb for $233.00. It has HDMI switching and plenty of power and various Dolby digital modes.If the extra channels interests you or 7.1, for another $80 you could get a 7.1 Denon receiver 1708 from exponj.com. Hope this helps and happy shopping.
PS-i have a rocketfish for speakers in my kitchen and i'm still amazed by this little thing. I use the 2 extra channels of my receiver set to second zone and viola-whole house audio !
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