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Benq MP512ST Test - Your opinion?

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I was looking for tests or reviews about the Benq MP512ST. There seems to be none on this site and also on other sites and forum I didn't find too much information. So I would like to ask your opinion about this projector. The reason is that I got my hands on this device as my friend's father bought one for his office and we got the chance to test it a little during the weekend.

It has a resolution of 800x600, 2200 ANSI lumen and offers short-throw technology. That's cool as we placed the projector right in front of the wall (1 meter) and had still a large enough picture. We played a DVD on it, watched pictures from the digital camera and attached the Wii to play tennis.

Our impression was that it is quite useful for playing games and home entertainment. And as the price is quite affordable (if forgot the exact price but was something like 600 USD??) it might be a good choice for newbies who freshly step into the projector topic. And it looked quite nice as it is not the standard black but has a silver-white surface which gives it a modern and stylish looking.

What I am not able to evaluate is weather a 1024x768 resolution would be better and if yes, what would be the difference. So if anybody could answer this question and give me some advice on the Benq MP512ST, that would be great.

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Hey, there must be someone out there who is able to help me out??
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BenQ is looking for someone to review MP512ST at Home theater forum


Reviewer get to keep MP512ST at 50% off the MSRP. Hopefully they will find someone so your question can be answered. Or maybe you can apply to review :-)
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Looks like a low resolution business projector. I would not recommend it for home theater.
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this certainly is not a home theater projector - they said this is a gaming projector. I would be interested to see the review because I am looking to buy a projector for wii and xbox the MSRP$699 fits my budget, too.
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I would not use wii and orig xbox on a projector, too much jaggies. They look a lot better on 32 LCD TV.
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well, it worked out quite well with the Wii.
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I also heard that it is good for gaming.
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I bought one in Dec 08. This is my first projector so I don't have anything to compare it with but I have to say I am fairly impressed with it. The screen door effect or pixels are noticeable but I was expecting that since it is 800x600 and I have it in a 10x12 room. I have played PS2 games and watched DTV on it but it is used mainly for DVD. It is mounted on the ceiling about 7-71/2' from the wall and has a 102" diag 16:9 picture projected on a white wall. I currently am using a rca video cable with the dvd sound going to my surround sound. I will be trying a HDMI cable and AccuScreens 800004 screen when they arrive next week.
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At last a thread for the Benq MP512ST!
I started an "official" thread two months ago and only got cricket sounds in the distance.
It's a fun projector! I've used it for gaming. It's perfect for the Wii. I have also hooked it up to a Blu-ray player and enjoyed movies with it. This year for Super Bowl I put it on a coffee table and threw 5.5 ft to a 84 inch portable screen. My guests were in awe! I had a flat screen on an adjacent wall. No one noticed it.
People who say it won't work for home theater haven't tried it. I used to have a optoma HD 65 and I believe the picture is comparable. Yes, it is native 4:3 aspect ratio but once you zoom it in you forget all that and enjoy the movie.
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crickets again....
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I just bought the standard throw version of the MP512. It is scheduled to arrive at my home tomorrow, and I will try and give my thoughts in the next few days.

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