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Newbies - Whatever it Takes- Buy A Projector - Today

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Sometimes you just get an urge to Rave and this is to encourage any who haven't bought a projector - DLP or LCD and 720p or 1080p - even business format PJs - whatever you can afford buy a projector for Home Theater NOW.

I fired up the PJ after lunch today and for almost 5 hrs. watched bits and pieces and favorite scenes of movies like Superman Returns, Fellowship of The Ring, Master and Commander, and even Streets of Fire (WOW) and even Urban Cowboy and Logan's Run. I'd been busy for a couple of weeks and just not able to fire up the PJ.

Point is I was reminded again of the simply awesome visual impact of favorite movies as a 120 in. diagonal image with a sound system that rocks.

Diane Lane singing "This is What it Means to Be Young" as Ellen Aim in Streets of Fire and Russell Crowe as Capt. Jack telling the crew "This ship is England" and Superman saving the Boeing 777 from crashing into the ball field and the LOTRings escape from Moria when Gandalf fell saying "Fly you Fools!" and even Deb Winger asking John Travolta "Are you a Real Cowboy?" and the incredible wide screen scenes at Gilley's - ALL YOU CAN SAY ABOUT projection versus ANY SIZE television is - WOW AND WOWEEEE!!!

The 56in HD TV we have is nice and we are blessed to be able to have it - for when we are half watching the news or The Young and the Restless compared to the 32 inch analog tv it replaced it's wonderful BUT it's just a dinky little tv compared to the BIG SCREEN image of Home Theater Projection.

I urge anyone new to projection who has invested the time to read this post that is considering a projector to BUY ONE - buy what you can afford but buy it NOW. Our first projector was a Canon business PJ and it did a great job introducing us to the WOW and WOWEEE of Home Theater Projection with a 10 ft image. We had a ball with it and still use it but mostly for outdoor Home Theater.

Okay - maybe I'll pull this post soon but somehow today I re-connected to my feelings of the first day I projected a movie on the big screen and felt compelled to post.
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I've owned the same projector now for the last 4 years, and you're right, it just never gets old watching a movie on the BIG screen. I'll never go back to a big screen TV. A projector is the only way to go. I have a couple of TV's for watching cable tv and use the projector for DVD/Blu-ray movies. Watching concerts on the BIG screen with the 7.1 surround sound really feels like being at the concert, always a great experience. Not to mention playing the Wii on the BIG screen is a blast. It won't be long before every household owns one of the best kept secrets, a projector.
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what the last two guys said! fer sher!

i've had my hd pj for last 4 years and i just love it.
i may upgrade but it will only be to install a cih setup.
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