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Can people complaining about pixelation post pics? I think my SyncMaster 2333HD is having problems unless its just grain which I happened to not notice before.
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Originally Posted by ak3883 View Post

Most(if not all) Samsung TVs(at least up until 2008 model lines) only let you see the current show title/description, there is no way to view the next program. Nothing to do with Verizon.

I have a 2009 P2370HD. Next Pgm info available OTA but not from my cable provider (Astound) straight off the wall, no tuner box.
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Originally Posted by ju421019 View Post

Unless someone here disagrees or knows a way to make the blinking stop.

Think yer SOL man. Sammys sleep mode *is* the blinking red LED. Write them to suggest a longist blinking rate like 1/10 hz, or use a bi-color LED and make sleep mode light a solid amber LED..... we can wish.
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With the P2370HD, is there any pixelation in dark scenes in blu ray? My SyncMaster 2333HD seems to have this problem :s
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I think its a trade-off; pixelation vs overall features. I mean yeah I posted about the pixelation, but now that I think about it more, its just a nitpick thing. I haven't found a 'replacement' monitor with two HDMI's, headphone jack, component input, DVI, VGA, and a TV Tuner within its pricerange. We look for the 'perfect' monitor and when we think we have it, we criticize it for little things. To some it might be too much; I'm paying "X" amount of dollars so it has to be perfect. I guess I'm ranting about ranting. lol
I'm thinkin of buying this monitor again, I can live with the pixelation. 32'' Sony is too much for arms length. : P
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One2The3, you are my Guru! I wouldn't say nitpicking, but like a review I posted, on the Cons section I said MANY, BUT THEN I'D HAVE TO PAY MORE!

But yeah, if u watch lots of BR movies, don't get this monitor (assume problem is all existing). But if u just watch TV, play computer games and the "occasional" movie, maybe the Sammy's price is right.

I personally would not watch BR movies on a 23, at LEAST a 42!
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Originally Posted by MrBobb View Post

One2The3, you are my Guru! I wouldn't say nitpicking, but like a review I posted, on the Cons section I said MANY, BUT THEN I'D HAVE TO PAY MORE!

But yeah, if u watch lots of BR movies, don't get this monitor (assume problem is all existing). But if u just watch TV, play computer games and the "occasional" movie, maybe the Sammy's price is right.

I personally would not watch BR movies on a 23, at LEAST a 42!

Hahaha Thanks.
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Glad you guys are able to deal with it, but it is showing up on every TV channel for me. I'm going to pay another $100 and get something better
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high usage on this thing via DVI and cable-in

The first pic is some nasty red all over the screen.. some paint-by-numbers effect. Some flashing.. basically the hot spots. The red is obvious in the shadow of the car, but also look at the fender around the passenger headlight.. no subtle variation of color.. just one large field like in a paint by numbers.

Second pic is after turning all adjustments far to the left..
backlight 0
contrast 0
brightness 0
sharpness 0
color 0
tint 0 (toward green totally away from red)

I think WARM was on in the sub-menu, but I just zero'd out all those settings and the picture is still representative.

Something is screwy, defective. It doesn't matter which input is used or what the content is. BLACK get this red bleed all over.

chat support was worse than useless.. calling this "dead pixels" before I corrected them.. then they just wanted to shove me to an online service form which would not carry over any of the information I gave them and I would have to go through the same song and dance.

I am going to see if Costco will take it back over 6 months after I bought it. Costco is great, I hate to do it to them.. but dealing with online service and shipping is juts pathetic.. these guys should have already given me an RMA and cross-shipped a replacement for an obviously defective product.
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Damn that looks bad. Definitely defective bro. Hopefully Costco is able to do something about it. Long as you have the receipt, you should be good. If you don't have it, its gonna be a lot harder for Costco to think twice about repairing, or doing anything really.
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Wow, dude, that's messed up. Definitive a defective unit.
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Ouch, good luck with that. If Costco won't swap one, why don't you just call the phone # for service instead of the online chat? You'll probably have to take it or ship it to the nearest "authorized" samsung warrenty repair shop.

I tried an older samsung LCD monitor(might have been the 2232W) before the T series came out, it had that red crap on patterns that were a gradient red pattern, most noticable on the background of ESPN.com. Best Buy wouldn't acccept the return without making someone from Geek Squad plug it in and verify it. It wasn't as pronounced on their pc/video card(I might have been able to live with how bad it was on their PC), but since I was patient and polite they accepted the return without issue.
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For those that don't like the orange light at the bottom right of the monitor near the power button, there is a menu item Menu->Setup->Light Effect. You can choose: Off, In Standby, When Watching TV [I think this means any time it's on], or Always.

There is also Light Level to make it dim/bright.

Also, at the bottom of that menu, there is "SW Upgrade", which checks the "service USB" port on the back to see if something is plugged in. If you plug a USB stick in there it complains that the upgrade file is not there (unless you have the specially named file in there, I assume).
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Question about the remote... I have another TV that also has the red/green/yellow/blue colored buttons on its remote, and for that TV I can use the colored buttons to navigate favorited channels.

It appears that on the T220HD that I have, the colored buttons do VERY little, in fact, I don't think the blue button does anything, as far as I know. If there is any solution possible in order to use the colored buttons for favorite channels, I would appreciate it GREATLY.
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Couldn't help but notice very big discounts appearing on the T260HD with the new series replacing it(Pxx70HD) and the advance of technology. Now it's $100 less than what I paid for the T240HD, oh well. I'll get a chance to set up and use a P2570HD over the holidays and am interested to compare it to my T240HD.
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I just thought I'd pop into this thread and mention that I just sent off my T240HD monitor/HDTV to get "serviced" due to a random powering on/off behavior.

I had searched around the interwebz to see whether this was a prevalent problem, and found some references to it with some other Samsung TV models, but nothing specifically here (AFAICT).

Hopefully just an anomaly with my unit, but might be indicative of future problems for more units if it turns out to be a similar problem to the larger TVs: power supply boards that have low tolerance for heat and power fluctuations, resulting in blown caps and weird behavior.

I'll try to update this thread based on success of repair and turnaround, etc.

As usual, I represent the unhappy population, and the unaffected happy folks are not posting.


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I just purchased the t240hd monitor and am having a hard time figuring out how to get the tuner to scan for channels. I am using Charter cable and have a coaxial cable hooked up to the tv. The auto scan does not pick up any channels but if I were to input a channel number such as 35 and 36, I would get espn and espn2. For channels such as abc,nbc,fox which have hd versions of the channel, I am unable to have the tuner pick up the digital signal to broadcast it in hd. Pressing 11-1 for fox-hd does not work. My panasonic hdtv in the living room is able to pickup the digital channels tho. If anyone know of a fix please let me know. Thanks
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I have a friend staying at my place and he's using my 260hd as a tv for his xbox. I have it hooked up as my PC monitor as well. Last night we started having issues where the monitor would turn itself off and not come back on. The touch button wouldn't respond. After a few minutes we could turn it on.

now, I have two samsung tv's in this room so the remotes work for all of the tvs. If you mess with one remote, it will turn on the other tv as well.

Is there a setting we could have accidentaly activated that would cause the monitor to power off when he's playing his xbox?

Thanks for the help.
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Are there any SW/FW updates available for this line? There were a lot of little issues that could have been fixed with an update. I have a T240HD.
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fyi i have had 2x t260hd's for over 3 months, LOVE them for my primary displays and hooking multiple pc's up is fantastic

but does anyone know if there is a way to change the settings on the HDMI ports to accept vesa sleep/standby commands, when my pc tells the display to 'sleep' the screen stays on and says 'no signal' so i have to manually turn it off everytime im gonna be away

BTW both are on HDMI since that is what my card has

else wise im totally happy, just want to find 2 monitor mounts/arms that will support/work with these and buy them + vesa 100x100 mounting brackets from amazon (about $24)
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A master re-set for this model in case it's of use to anyone is info, then menu, then mute then power on the remote in series (not simultaneously as suggested by samsung support).
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Bought my T260HD in 2009. Just started having this problem: any time it turns off it forgets it's settings. Defaults back to Dynamic display mode and the melody chime back to chiming. Almost like a PC Mobo that has a dead battery that resets to defaults. I started to try opening it, but chickened out. Anyone know if it has a user replaceable battery, or firmware upgrade? I tried the master re-set from the previous post, but that didn't help. Works great otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.
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A followup to my previous post #172. My monitor had somehow defaulted back to showroom mode. I did a hard reset by getting into the service menu with this sequence:

Turn the power off. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 8, 2, Power in sequence.

That fixed the problem.
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