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Before I buy this system I need to find speaker stands where I can actually secure these speakers to. Every thing I see have no way of securing the speakers. I could buy heavy duty velcro but I have 3 kids all under the age of 3 and I don't know if velcro will cut it.
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Originally Posted by superleo View Post

Audyssey is great, but you can always do it manually through the internal calibration test tone, or through an external test tone disk. AVIA and other video audio disk have test tones. I think some Disney movies have THX audio calibration in them too.

You can do it just by listening and setting levels by ear or buy a SPL meter and adjust by measuring the tone levels.

Do you know offhand any of the Disney Blu-Ray/DVD's that have that on them? I will rent one if I know which to grab next time I'm at the video store.
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Originally Posted by popalock View Post

Hey guys,

Jesus... 600+ posts... I'm traveling through Bahrain right now and don't have time to spend on this thread that I want too at the moment...

Had a quick few questions. One of the main reasons I am getting this HTIB is to hook up an additional receiver (via splitting the LFE out) to run a few sets of bass shaker pros.... I was told to simply buy a Y cable to split the LFE signal...

My questions are.....

1. How many times can I split the LFE signal?
2. By splitting the LFE channel could I theoritically make a 7.2 setup by getting an identical Sub?
3. Theoritically couldn't I get a 7.4 setup by splitting the signal several times and hooking up multiple subs?
4. Can I even purchase the SKW-960 sub that comes with this set up seperately?

Sorry if these questions have been asked... I'm looking forward to your responses...


I used Y cable to split the LFE. Since it's not from an independent 2nd LFE output, I guess it's called 7.15 ?? =P
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Originally Posted by Rig85 View Post

Do you know offhand any of the Disney Blu-Ray/DVD's that have that on them? I will rent one if I know which to grab next time I'm at the video store.

I don't know if the Bluray version of the movies have the THX optimizer, but here are some DVDs that I know have the THX setup for sure:

Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
The Incredibles

And I know some of you would't give these movies the light of day but you can't go wrong with any of these in all respects, form video, audio and even the movies themselves. So if you haven't watch any of these you have some good viewing to do, plus some calibration material.

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Hi all. New to the avsforum HTIB section. Accidently came across the 9100 in a Radioshack store. I was shopping for a component video cable (I'm not in the USA so this is the best it gets, price and quality wise) for my pops who is getting into the HT scene, and I heard some really good, tight, deep bass music playing while I was inside. We'll, I was immedieatly impressed, that I had to investigate. Twas the 9100 situated right at the store entrance. Saw the THX logo on the speakers, got a bit turned off since Creative owned the rights to it and can stamp it on any product they like. Non the less, it sounded pretty impressive and clean based on the size of the speakers. The bass struck me the most- very, very clean. Got home, did some research on the model and was shocked that the sub, in particular, employed an acoustic suspension type design. Now my pops is looking for a HT speaker system for his 9' x 12' area, and I have no problems recomending this system. Going to ratshack tomorrow with Transformers and Incrediebles in hand, see how the scenes sound compared to my HT (5.1 Ascend Acoustics 340se with 15" Epik Tower subwoofer) and decide from their.
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Can someone confirm for me that the subwoofer cable is a 3.5 RCA?

I'm getting my upgraded cables and speaker wire this week.
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Yes JMarat, it is. But why are you changing this cables? As the sub is active (it has got it's own amplifier), the cable only transfert the signal, not the power.
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I have yet to buy this system but everyone seems to be in agreement that the speaker wire and subwoofer cable should be replaced with better quality.
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I alos read these comments. I certainly agree when speaking about the speakers wires. Getting bigger one will help, but I'm not that convinced for the sub one. But hey, such RCA cable only cost a couple of bucks, so giving it a try is not a big risk
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I used 14 gage cables for the speakers, I think 12 gage wouldn't be too much, either. The stock RCA sub cable is a joke, just like the stock speaker cables, but the weird things is that non of its connectors, RCA or otherwise, have got gold plating on them.
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Alright, I'm getting a little worried. Looking for some advice.

The last two nights, I've been watching [adult swim] with my girlfriend. Midway through watching, the screen gets horizontal lines through the entire screen. They are clear, so it basically just looks like the picture is being shaped with lines through it (hard to explain). I have the cable box with component cable going to the receiver, which goes to the TV with HDMI. Shutting the TV off didn't help; I actually had to shut the receiver off and wait a minute or two before trying again. Then, the picture came back fine. I noticed that the HD channels did *NOT* have this issue, while the SD channels did when I switched back to them.

My other TV in the bedroom with no cable box was not having this issue when the big TV was. Does this sound like a receiver issue, or cable box issue?

Another thing last night happened a little later. I turned the 360 on (component cables and optical cable to receiver) and started playing a game. The sound was clear, but every couple of seconds the sound would like cut out. It seemed to just be the 360 sound, as I turned over to the cable TV programming, and it sounded fine. (I've never had an issue with my 360.) Again, is this a receiver issue?

I would be worried about overheating, but my house stays really cool (cold). Plus, this is sitting on a shelf that is not enclosed, and has nothing covering the receiver in any way. I'm just worried my receiver might be crapping out. (What's worse is that this is the *third* unit I have received from Newegg, after the first two were damaged in shipping.)
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Well, I replaced my cable box last night with one that has a HDMI output on it (finally!), so I'll get to see if it may have been the old cable box. My girlfriend kept it on SD channels all day today, and said she didn't notice the lines, so that's a good sign.

Also just plunked down $90 on a new APC UPS. Have been putting that off, but figured I needed it for this pricey stuff.
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Originally Posted by audio_captain View Post

I used Y cable to split the LFE. Since it's not from an independent 2nd LFE output, I guess it's called 7.15 ?? =P

7.15! Nice....

Quick Update, I ended up not going with the Onkyo 9100 HTIB. Just bought a Yamaha Reciever, Definitive Technology Supercube II Sub, Samsung LN52B750 LCD, 4 Aura Bass Shaker Pros and Inherited Bose Acoustimass Speakers. I'm happy with it....

Waiting to get my PS3 in the mail so I can try out Bluray with everything but so far it's a lot of fun. Everyone that checks it out thinks it's crazy!

Guess I kinda went over the $900 budget (Supercube alone Retails at $900) but f*$# it....

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Well, I received my unit two days ago, and I just received the wires yesterday. So I've basically just started to hook it up. Kinda excited. Anyhow...One thing I think you all should know.....very important because it seems that Onkyo left this information out of the manual. In addition to all the safety precautions found in the front of the manual. It is extremely important that your wife approves of the speaker set up. If you start putting these massive speakers in front of family pictures and her favorite plants...you may end up sleeping on the couch with that blanket that isn't long enough to cover your feet and the pillow that you let your friend Kevin use whenever he crashes at your place after a night of drinking. And Onkyo left out that she may call you a dumb@ss. Anyhow, can't wait to hook it up and wake up the neighbors...
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I have this set and I have been having issues with the dialog volume. When playing a Bluray or DVD, or anything that us Dolby Digital Surround the receiver displays the dialog volume for a split second. I usually set the volume to -20 when watching a movie. Everything is loud and clear, the subwoofer rocks with each explosion. Then the action slows and the dialog becomes barely audible. I have to crank the volume way up. Is there a way I can fix this? For now I have resorted to adjusting the volume level on the center speaker.
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Just ordered mine from Vanns: $799 with free shipping.
I also ordered 14gauge speaker wire like everybody on this forum recommended. I'm so excited to get it and post some setup pics and reviews.

Thanks to all of you here for all the reading material to help me make my choice. Just one question:

I saw that earlier in the post someone asked about alternative ways of hiding speaker cable besides in wall or under carpet. Are there other ways? (besides that wire molding stuff?) ?
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I am seriously considering this Onkyo system, given the unanimously positive response. However, there is one issue not addressed: room size.

The room this is set up in is for dancing (rather than TV viewing, although that could change in the future). The room size is 20 x 25 x 14 ft or 7000 cubic feet.

Has anybody installed the Onkyo system in such a large room, and if so, what are your experiences.

Thanks you,

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I should be getting my system on Friday, and I'll be setting it up in a space that is just about the same size as yours. I'll be sure to tell you how it goes. For comparison though, I do have carpeting on the whole floor and just regular drywall ( that will affect the sound, and quality of it)
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besides room size, another important factor is how far the listening/ seating position will be from the sub or speakers. My pops has the 990thx system (same speakers, better reciever minus Eq2 and HDMI) in a corner 12*9*16 space (two walls) that opens up into the rest of a huge split level house. With a seating position of 8-9 feet, this speakers/system kicks. But going past 13 feet, the sub starts to loose punch and turning up the reciever (-11 and lower) does not increase the volume cleanly, just distortion, as it stuggles with output.
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Thanks guys. I am seeking a certain degree of uniformity in the sound across the room. Eventually, I might purchase a second TV or projector. The floor is currently empty, and is for dancing and practice.

I know I can crank up the volume for these speakers and use lots of power (low speaker sensitivity). But what about distortion in that case. This has not been addressed. Or is that not an issue since the speakers and receiver are meant to work with each other? Several posts have addressed the volume issue, but I can crank up any receiver, and distortion occurs earlier on some than on others.


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Originally Posted by dcontto View Post

Recap...Anyone experiencing this? The AV receiver does get pretty hot if running over 1 hour, but recently I've noticed that after about 2 hours of use the sound mutes (it's the mute function on the receiver) but the sound just goes away as you are watching a blu-ray movie. If I turn the unit on and off the sound comes back. It might do for a couple of times but only over 2 hours of use or usually when the unit is very hot. Any one else?

So, I called Onkyo and they suggested to reset the receiver which I did. Then it did it again, the sound muted, so turned off and turned back on and all sound was fine. So, I put a small fan to cool down the receiver and the "muting" never happened again, so, I believe the problem is due to the heating. It's not shutting down because it overheats, it just I guess causes the sound to go off first for some reason. Onkyo suggest 6" clearance, but I can only get about 2", so I'm adding a CabCool1202 Dual 120mm Fan Cooler anyway because it does worry me about the longetivity of this system at this high temperatures. I got this fans at coolerguys.com. Haven't installed them but I noticed with the small fan I was using the unit felt ALOT cooler. The fan has a thermostat that it suppousely kicks in at 86 degrees and shuts off at 81. I'll update this once I install the fan. Thanks!

I tried this Cabcool Dual 120mm Fans and they work really nice. At first the fans were noisy, so I contacted coolerguys.com and they tested a separate set of fans and confirmed these were at 27db. Arrived within a few days and replace them and I can hear the fans but everything must be REALLY quite to hear them moving, so for regular movie/music use you cannot hear the fans at all! I have the two fans just sitting on top of the receiver and blowing the hot air out. The unit is alot cooler now and I have not experienced the sound "muting" so it must be a heat issue here. Also the fans have a thermal controler so the fans turn on at 86 degrees and turn off at 81 automatically, really nice! The Cabcool comes in a 1, 2, or 3 fan configuration. I got the 2 fan configuration although I think a 1 fan would have done the job to keep the receiver cooler. So, I definetly encourage some type of fan to keep the heat out. I don't see how any electronic can survive many years of use at this constant high temperatures. Best wishes!
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One thing I can't find in this thread or on the Onkyo site. Does the receiver in this system allow for 2 zones? I want to hear music or movies in my gameroom and on my patio outside as well. I have a 60" LG on the way, and I am jonesing to get a system setup.

Thanks for any insight.
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yes it does. page 18 in the manual. 7.1 in the theater room, 2 channel stereo in the other room. Disclaimer: Digital input sources are not output
by speaker set B. Only sources connected to analog inputs are output.
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Please help...

I have had my new S9100 for a little over two months. It worked fine for a couple of weeks and then started shutting off by itself just a few seconds after being powered on. It has done this consistently every time, no matter how long it is turned off or unplugged. (I even went on vacation for two weeks with the unit unplugged, and it did the same thing on my first attempt to use it after returning.)

I have tried moving the unit, plugging it into different outlets, and removing ALL of the connected speaker wires and cables.... still no dice.

Any thoughts before I contact the dealer and/or Onkyo?

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like a defective unit. Call Onkyo.
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By the way, I did a comparison of calibrating the speakers with the setup (using Audyssey) and doing the test-tone process of the three listening areas and having Audyssey turned off. I found that Audyssey seems to take the loudness out of the speakers - no matter what I set the listening mode to. When I turned Audyssey equalizer off, the speakers produced a much louder and effective bass movie experience. Also, Audyssey seems to select the ceiling of how loud the volume can be set. After doing the Audyssey calibration, the volume would only go as high as +9 and no further. With Audyssey off, the full volume can be utilized (+19 or 99).

Anyone else notice this? Which do you prefer? Audyssey off or on?
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If you use promo code HTS9152 at newegg, you can get this set for $795.20 with free shipping. It's good till 09/22. Just pulled the trigger on it. Now to look for wire, banana plugs, stands, and a couple more hdmi's.
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Let me see if I'm on the right track with this since this is my first home theatre system.

12 pairs of banana plugs - http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

2 rolls of 14awg wire- http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2

Is that the correct amount of banana plugs? What connector would you recommend for the sub? Will I need a wire stripper? Sorry for the probably simple questions, I'm a newb.
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Might want to add a quality subwoofer cable to that list.

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Originally Posted by arc03 View Post

If you use promo code HTS9152 at newegg, you can get this set for $795.20 with free shipping. It's good till 09/22. Just pulled the trigger on it. Now to look for wire, banana plugs, stands, and a couple more hdmi's.

Newegg just put the 9100 on sale today. I just used the above code HTS9152 and got the 9100 new for 719.99 with free shipping. Great Deal!

Thanks for the code arc03.

I'm really excited to get the system in. It will be my first home theater system. I just bought a Samsung 46" LED and a PS3 slim to pair it with.
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