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Am I the only one that thinks banana plugs are more work than they are worth? I just stripped the wire and used those directly...
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I don't know, but I'll let you know after Monday! I just ordered my system yesterday and it's estimated arrival date is on Monday. I have purchased 28 banana plugs from monoprice and 12g wire, so after doing all that banana plugging I'll post about my thoughts on the extra work.

Here's hoping I'm one of the lucky few whose package arrives fairly undamaged! It's shipping from Vann's in Montana, and I'm just below in Utah, so hopefully less distance equals less time in transit and that twill translate into less opportunity for damage....here's hoping.
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I don't think its going to be much extra effort. 12g is some pretty thick wire. I think I used 14 or 16... (easier to manage). I also got my system vanns. It was a little beat up but I wasn't worried about anything being broken. G/l
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Very true--I think with the 12 gauge wire it will be much easier stripping down. Last time I stripped wires to splice some together it was 22 gauge and that was a pain...it took forever just to get the outer plastic off. This will be my first time, however, actually installing the banana plugs. I just hope I do a pretty good job and don't leave much room for signal loss or other factors to degrade my connection.

BTW, if anyone is still considering purchasing this system, VANNS is having an awesome deal right now and has a pretty decent stock. It's the cheapest I've seen this set as a brand new and not refurbished system. Also, if you have any specific questions drop by their website and chat with a rep. They have some of the most helpful and personable customer service around.
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Been looking at some cooling fans today.....

Has heat been an issue for anyone? Onkyo receivers typically run a little warm. For all cooling fan users out there, what would you recommend? My receiver will be in a closed door TV stand with an open back. Would you recommend a fan that is installed in the unit or one that sits outside, on the unit? Thanks for any recommendations or best practices you have found to keep your receiver cool and living longer as a result!
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Originally Posted by JChin View Post

Hi jlj93byu, from Monoprice on installation.

In regards to banana plug installation--when screwing the back in, is it imperative that it is screwed in all the way so that both pieces are flush to the red loop? Some of them have grown too tight with a few millimeters to go before fully closed. This is probably due to the copper wires on the top getting into the screwing threads of the banana plug. Some of them become difficult to tighten almost immediately when screwing the two pieces back together. Knowing the most important part is the copper threads connection to the inside of the banana plug, I would assume that the plug itself does not need to be completely closed back together, but wanted some other, perhaps more professional, input. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by mike2002_1@hotma View Post

Mine started doing this about a year ago. Finally HDMI stopped working altogether and I sent it in to Onkyo Service. I know for me cycling the inputs and power would eventually get it to work.
When I sent mine into to service the receipt I got back says they replaced capacitors, reset the bias and idle current and reflashed the firmware which fixed it.

If mine craps out again I will probably just pick up the new 608.

Is a reprinted invoice from Amazon good enough or will I need to have one faxed in? I'm taking it to the service shop they told me to go to on Thursday but the guy I spoke to at the shop could barely speak English to answer my first question.

Edit - Problem was a bad HDMI component. Had it fixed in a few hours. Good to be back in the game.
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Hi there,

I am getting no 1080p output from my HT-S9100THX system. I only have 2 components plugged into the receiver (DVR, and a PS3). The Comcast DVR only broadcasts in 1080i and this works fine. However, the PS3, when set to 1080p, leaves the TV screen looking fuzzy and sometimes goes blank. When I set the output to 1080i, everything is ok. I have tried hooking the PS3 directly to the TV and 1080p works flawlessly. Seems to be a problem with the receiver...

Any suggestions? I had the same problem with a stand alone Blu Ray player as well. Resetting the receiver made no difference. Is anyone else experiencing/heard of this issue? I hear on some Onkyo receiver, there are a few caps that blow out and cause issues (was on the Onkyo 606 reciever), but I just bought my set up a few months back.

Please help!!!
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It may be that u need to turn the recievers upscaling off when using a 1080p source.
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Is it possible to use an SVS sub with this system? I may upgrade sometime down the road.
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Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post

The subwoofer on mine making a cranking noise like a low rambling noise, I hear it in quite scenes or when no audio fed to the receiver not that loud but annoying, disconnecting subwoofer cable the strange noise goes away, I start thinking it's the receiver, anyone experienced this.

This is a followup to my problem above in case somebody experienced the same issue, I contacted Onkyo USA and their suggestion worked, here is the email reponse:

"Thank You for contacting Onkyo USA Product Support.

Try resetting the receiver that is on the front panel of the unit while the unit is on you are going to hold down VCR/DVR and then press Standby. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR AUDIO & VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS ON THE RECEIVER PLUS YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR SPEAKER CONFIGURATIONS, SPEAKER DISTANCE AND ALL LEVEL CALIBRATION SETTINGS. YOU WILL ALSO LOSE ANY PROGRAMMED RADIO STATIONS IN MEMORY. The unit will say clear and then shut down. Then power the unit back up and test the unit to see if you are still having a problem. If you are still having an issue you can bring the unit to a local service center. All of our service centers are posted on our website. Make a copy of the sale receipt to show that the unit is under warranty.
Thank you,
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i can get this package for $700.00 locally. can i find a better price elsewhere?
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Originally Posted by buttdart View Post

i can get this package for $700.00 locally. can i find a better price elsewhere?

That's a steal, especially if it is a new set and not refurbished or a return. At that price, I'd jump on it ASAP. And when you say locally, I assume that would involve a pick-up and further savings without having to pay shipping. I'd buy that sucker before somebody else snags it up!
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it is new. it's from a very a reliable source. it will be shipping about 30 miles so freight should be minimal. $20 maybe. i might just go pick it up.

i don't think i could piece together anything nicer for the money.
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Originally Posted by buttdart View Post

it is new. it's from a very a reliable source. it will be shipping about 30 miles so freight should be minimal. $20 maybe. i might just go pick it up.

i don't think i could piece together anything nicer for the money.

You are correct. At its retail price of $1100, then a separate component based system could become competitive, but even still this system would give a separates system a run for its money. This would still be near the top of the list even at MSRP and up against a system pieced together. At $700, you will not find a better sounding system, let alone a THX I/S certified system. You are truly lucky. I have been researching this system and others for several months, and I finally jumped on purchasing mine a month ago when I saw it for $799 because that was such a great deal.
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Originally Posted by buttdart View Post

it's on amazon for $730.00

I got mine from Amazon a month ago, shipped by Vanns for $799 total (no shipping). The price on Amazon has stayed right around $800 total for 5 weeks now (some sellers with free shipping at 799, others cheaper but with shipping brining the price around 800). Vanns, BTW, was awesome....great service and an absolute pleasure to do business with. But again, if you can pick yours up, no wait time on the shipping. An added bonus!
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Vanns.com is also an authorized onkyo dealer.
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Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot. If there is somewhere better, please let me know.

I purchased the S9100THX about a year ago. So far everything has been working great. The other day however, I came home to find that my TV was no longer receiving a signal from the receiver via HDMI, when using my Satellite box as the source. My HDMI devices passing through my reciver all work fine. However, the Satellite uses S-video to hook into the HT-R960. I tried using a different cable, and a different satellite box and neither worked. I also tried connecting the wii up through the component input, but this did not work either. Trying different S-video ports also does not work.

Since I live with my two year old nephew, I figured he must have decided to 'play' with the receivers settings. I have gone through everything I can think of here, but I cannot seem to find any issue with the settings. The last ditch effort I had was to reset the receiver back to its default settings in case there was something I may have missed. After setting everything back up again, I still wasn't receiving any signal from the HT-R960 when I switched it to the Satellite box.

I'm pretty certain that the issue is with the upscaling from S-video to HDMI, but I have tried every setting combination I can think of, and I still can't get the signal come into the receiver via S-video and pass through to the HDMI output to the TV. The TV isn't receiving any signal from the receiver, no timing, resolution, or refresh rate information. Is there something obvious I am missing that I can try? Could this be a hardware issue? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. If figures this would have to happen the day football season started...
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Sounds like your Sat receiver is not a HD model? Kinda defeats the purpose of having a nice HDTV if you use standard definition sat box with it. I would upgrade the sat box if possible.

I know some Onkyo receivers have had a problem with defective HDMI boards but if you say yours works with other HDMI devices then that should not be the problem. Although if your Wii doesn't work via component either it could be the board.

Check to make sure video upconversion is still turned on and inputs are assigned correctly. Otherwise I'm not sure what else it could be.
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that sucks. i hope i don't have any failures on my receiver. it seems it's not too uncommon.
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for those that are using the ps3 with this system, has anybody used the bd/dvd dynamic range control setting on "on"? its under the video settings on the ps3. its supposed to make it easier to hear spoken dialogue at low volume. Since mine isnt hooked up yet after moving, and just discovering the setting, i am not able to check it out right now... before i was always finding that i needed to boost the level of the center channel for movies and such. it was getting annoying.
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hmmm havent tried that.......
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Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread, lots of great info. I read every post before purchasing this system, but don't recall anyone with this exact setup (I reread the first 16 pages of posts but just don't have the time right now to reread the last 16). I'm using a PS3 with hdmi running to my tv and an optical cable running to the receiver. I also hook up my iPod to the aux input via a headphone jack to rca converter. My problem is that even running all channel stereo mode the rear speakers are not activated. Any ideas?
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Silly me, I knew as soon as I made a post I would figure it out. The "A" and "B" speaker zones were turned on. Hit the "B" button on the front of the receiver and they started working
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Originally Posted by Sarumanza View Post

I'm using a PS3 with hdmi running to my tv and an optical cable running to the receiver.

Hi Sarumanza, curious is to why you have the PS3 connected to Tv via HDMI and not to receiver?
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Originally Posted by JChin View Post

Hi Sarumanza, curious is to why you have the PS3 connected to Tv via HDMI and not to receiver?

i was thinking that too. i have my ps3 hdmi to reviver then hdmi to tv with optical back to the receiver
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Two issues with my 6 week old receiver.

First, every time I watch a blu-ray the audio goes out. If I simply pause and replay the movie, it usually kicks back in.. If that doesn't work, I rewind it a few seconds and then it kicks back in. It takes a few seconds to come back on as I can see the display of the receiver go blank and then reconnect to the audio signal. This is quite annoying as it happens every time I watch a movie anywhere from 2 to 5 times. My blu-ray player is connected via HDMI to the receiver.

Second, my receiver has lost the picture a few times when I am watching TV via my cable box, also connected via HDMI. When changing channels, particularly from a SD to a HD channel, the picture simply goes away as though the cable box had been turned off--but, of course, it is still on. The signal is just gone. The only way to bring the picture back is to turn the receiver off and back on.

Anyone experience similar issues--and how did you solve them? I have read some about HDMI issues with this receiver but they have occurred on only a small number of sets....guess I was a lucky one of the few. I still love this system, just want my quirks to get worked out. Thanks!
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i'd double check the hdmi cables are plugged in all the way and fitting snug enough in the ports. i have one hdmi that fits a little lose. more than i would like but i havent had any issuse with it so far. next i would try using each hdmi individually to make sure it's not a bad cable. after these inspections i would assume it has to be something in the receiver that is failing, which is a trip to the repair shop. sorry to hear ur having problems after such a short time of ownership
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What is the difference between the 9100 and the 9300?
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