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Hi everyone, I'm Leashy! I hope I'm posting this question in the right area, if I didn't please redirect.

I've seen a lot of threads that are similar, but no replies. Can you help me out? We have a 7 year old 42'' Sony Wega Plasma. About a year ago, a very thin blue line appeared on the screen, about 6 inches from the left. It's vertical and seems to go exactly to the halfway point. It would come and go for the first few months and then stayed. It is no longer that thin and it's not blue anymore. It looks like it's the color of a static channel with different colors mixed in sometimes. It's about half an inch wide now, still from the top to the halfway point. Recently about 3 inches away, a new blue line has appeared, but comes and goes like the other one did.

We've called Sony tech support and got nowhere with them. They couldn't tell me one thing about it. We called repair places and one guy told us the tv was done for and it was only a matter of time. Another guy we talked to said it can be fixed because it's vertical and not horizontal and they'll look at it for the low price of $200. It's wall mounted, with the wires in the wall. It was perfect for 6 years. It's been a year since the blue line first appeared, and the progression seems very slow.

Can this be fixed or is the TV really done?

We can get a way cheaper TV with similar results, so we'd rather not spend a fortune on repairing this one if we can get one new for the same amount. This TV was nearly $6,000. We're not spending more than $1000 on a new one this time.