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I am working on a simple masking system for my 80" 16x9 screen. The screen will be set flush into a paneled wall. After much thought and design of sliding panels and/or window shade solutions, I've settled on removable panels held in place with magnets.

The questions:

1)Will my NRS always fill the 80" screen side to side? In other words, is there any situation where I will need side and top/bottom panels simultaneously?

2) How many different movie aspect ratios are there other than the full 16x9? What is the narrowest? This will tell me how wide the top and bottom panels need to be. (Assuming full 80" width from question 1 above.)

3) Other than 4x3, are there any other projections where the side panels will be needed?

4) I've not yet settled on a structural material for the panels but I would appreciate any suggestions for the black covering. Is there a durable spray flocking? My Stewart frame has just such a finish but I don't suppose that is available, or is it?

Thanks much for your help,