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Prototype Panasonic DVD-HD Recorder  

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4 hours of HDTV on a 50 Mb disc using blue laser technology...Stereophile Guide to Home Theater reports from CES 2002:

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Originally posted by David McRoy
4 hours of HDTV on a 50 Mb disc using blue laser technology...Stereophile Guide to Home Theater reports from CES 2002:

That 40" LCD looks really interesting too...

Now that could be very interesting, depending on the contrast and native resolution. 720p makes me think that native 1080 resolution is unlikely.

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You mean 50 GB not 50 MB

- Ben
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Saw them today, up and running in prototype form. Took mr by surprise.

Here is the the Pioneer system being demoed but looking at the back it was obviously a hand wired prototype.


For more pictures including the Panasonic HDTV DVD follow these links:

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Thanks Don! Your information means a lot to those of us who could not attend.
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Thanks Don (and ScubaTech) for the photos! Any idea what the model number is, I can't see one anywhere on the beast. Any idea about the connections on the back - component-in maybe? Or was the back just a mess of custom-looking cables (prototyp-ish)?
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That is the answer to your questions

Nobody had production models shown that I saw.

The cables on the back of one of the units is shown in one of the jpgs. They were not well marked but looked like RGBHV and decoded DD5.1 using XLR and BNC connections plus what appeard like a 9 pin serial control of some sort. I don't worry about stuff like this as it is in development and basically meaningless to us except for it shows me if they just have an empty box or the thing is actually working and connected to the monitor that is displaying the picture. One person standing by suggested that it was a fake so I pointed out to him the connections and the monitor that had those connections attached. If it was a fake it was a pretty good attempt at deception. I'm sure it was not a sencor server inside that thing. LOL
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This is all really cool - if they can record discs, there will be a way to press them too... Recording is nice but I would rather buy discs like I buy my DVD's now.

Time for another format battle - if Panasonic gets in early they might even win ;)

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Disclaimer: I am a low tech type of guy who still likes the latest gadget. I barely know even the basic tech terms.

My life long dream has been to go to a CES. Did that last Thurs and Fri.

I saw a JVC with the following tag:

Digital Hi Vision
Optical Disc Recorder
4 hours HD
25 mbps transfer rate
2nd harmonic generation
Blue laser

There was a Japanese rep there - but when i asked him a question could not understand him because of his heavy accent.

I also saw a Pioneer. Tag said
Optical Disc recorder
blue laser
23.3 gig
35 mbps

As i recall, the rep said it might be introduced in Japan in the 3q.

Sorry i don't have any more info.

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Given the 3x - 4x higher compression available with MPG4, I am REALLY confused as to why anyone GAS about blue lasers. With single layer 4.8 GB media, we should be able to get a 2 hour movie. With a slightly updated CPU and decoder chip(s), a single player should be able to handle both with current technology. If I'm missing something important here, somebody please clue me in.

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Given the 3x - 4x higher compression available with MPG4, ...
I've seen that number bandied about but it may only be for lower bit rate material. I'm not sure I'd count (yet) on much more than 2x or maybe 3x.

But a 4.7 GB DVD could only hold a 2 hour movie at a rate of about 5 MB / sec, including sound and control information. I think from my own experiments with DivX4 that this is maybe close to enough for 720p @ 24 but with current technology is still maybe pushing it a bit for 1080i @ 60 or 1080p @ 24. But it is still improving and getting closer.

And of course 2 sided DVD-R's are now available so if you don't mind flipping it's already a done deal.

- Tom
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I understand your caution, but the point I was trying to make is that we don't need blue lasers. Assume 2x compression advantage, two layer media, and there is STILL plenty of room. For that matter flipping the media is not a big deal either. In any case, the blue laser thing has nothing to do with the availability of HD DVD. Sure would like to have been a fly on the wall in the meetings that discussed this at various CE companies. We could blame the MPAA... they are such twits, its really tempting to demonize them for everything.

I guess if bitching and moaning would solve problems, the world would be a very different place.

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