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Panasonic HVX200 Letus Extreme vs Canon HV20 GT35pro Advanced

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I just updated my blog and I thought I'd post it here as well (and promote my site)
I just made a resolution comparison between the Panasonic HVX200 with Letus Extreme and Canon HV20 with GT35pro Advanced and I'm glad to say that it compares very well. Please note that my test chart was not of a very high resolution hence you see fine patterns merging together. Also the Canon HV20 GT35pro combo is shot 10 percent furthur away from the chart using a FD lens stopped down to f2.8. The images have not been sharpened or blurred in any way. I just adjusted the brightness levels to make comparison easier. Also notice the heavy in camera image edge sharpening of the HVX200. The Canon HV20 provides a natural image without post processing to increase apparent sharpness.
Pictures are here http://gt35pro.blogspot.com/ below the ordering section.
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To all who want to build their own 35mm adapter, I am releasing my new GT35pro ground glass holder kit from now on. This is machine milled plastic and uses the spring steel wire for the legs, welded to the metal screws and are very strong. The ground glass is interchangeable. You only need to release the 2 small screws and remove the retaining plastic to wash or change the ground glass. I made a version last week but I have refined it to this final design. This will now be used in the entire range of GT35pro 35mm Adapters. Order information here www.gt35pro.blogspot.com
Full range of fully assembled 35mm adapters up to 72mm filter thread size also available.
Ground glass kit comes together with vibrating motor and 2 ground glass.
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I've been asked many times what's the difference between my gt35pro Standard and Advanced version so here are the 2 test charts to show the difference. The Advanced version has close to no chromatic abberations and the Standard version has a slight touch more chromatic abberations at the edges than the Advanced version. You cannot see the chromatic abberations unless you zoom in to the picture 200 percent to notice it. Note that this is shot using my Digital Rebel 300D 18-55mm kit zoom lens at 50mm f5.0. Both version features very good edge to edge sharpness. The advanced version is also slightly brighter due to the multi coating on all sides of the glass in the achromat. The difference in picture quality is very small but there is a price difference of $75. For those who want the perfect picture quality, the $75 may be well worth it. Let me know that you guys think about this. View the test charts below


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does this count as advertising?
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does this count as advertising?

si, senor
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