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Do I need a HDTV component signal amp?  

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I have a HD satellite receiver in my upstairs theater room and I just purchased a HD projection TV downstairs and I want to run video components out to connect to my TV down stairs for HDTV. The run will be about 100 ft. Do I need to amplify these signals?
I do not need a component switcher because I am using the RGB output from the receiver for the Theater projector and I will be using the component output from the HD satellite receiver for the down stairs? (Can switch back and forth thru the remote) I temp set this up with a 55ft run and the signal works but the HD picture is crystal clear but it doesnt have the "" HD PUNCH"" I usually see on a HD picture. The 3 cables (COMPONENT) are homemade with Quadshield RG6 and true 75 ohm RCA connectors. Does anybody know what the max length run is to still receive the "full bandwidth" signal ? What is the limit on HDTV signal length. Where can I get a resonably priced component (HDTV) dist amp for about $200.00? Is this the solution for getting the extra punch for the HDTV picture for downstairs? This satellite system is ExpressVu so an additional HD receiver is not a solution

Any knowledgeable feed back will be greatly appreciated
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A component amp would help, but with amplification always comes noise.
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You seem to be using the proper connectors cable & connectors, a distribution amp (DA) is what's next.

I would try Key Digital & Audio Authority for inexpensive 3 channel HD video DA's. The bandwidth should be at least 35 MHz, and more if you can get it.

It is true that any amp could add video noise, but a properly designed DA, at the length cable you are planning should be transparent to the human eye.
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