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Looking really good!
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I received my new screen and from Seymour AV yesterday and the carpet will be laid on Saturday. Things should start picking up soon!
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Finally some change! I still have a lot of 'touch up' to do, but we've already moved some stuff down.

After moving one couch down, I'm thinking the new (still unused) couch I bought a year or so ago for the theater will not fit down the stairs (tight corner). Looks like I'll have to sell and get some "theater seats" like W00lly!

The front room that's still movie friendly.

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I like it
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Scott, got your PM. Some of those seats look good. I'm looking for something dark and can't be more than 101" wide.

When are you looking to stop by?
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Looks really nice.
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maybe Friday after dinner if your going to be around
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Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

maybe Friday after dinner if your going to be around

That'll work. Just let me know if you're coming.

I recieved my Chief vibration dampener today. We'll see how it works... They don't mention that you'll have to buy another extension to make this work. With the dampener and extra extension, I ordered a shorter extension for the ceiling mount (where it goes into the ceiling). Here is the dampener:

It looks interesting... QC could be better on making the weights centered, but I supposed I, the customer, can fix that.

I also brought all the speakers down. This picture is missing one subwoofer as it is currently being used in the other room until I decide what I want to do.

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Originally Posted by yamahaSHO View Post

I also brought all the speakers down. This picture is missing one subwoofer as it is currently being used in the other room until I decide what I want to do.

Nice speakers
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I'm so jelous. Rooms is coming alson nicely.
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I picked up an Elemental Design A3-250 for the green room and received it today. It sounds good, but it has an issue with the driver. I makes a crackling noise like it's bottomed out or loose. The amp also won't auto-on like it is supposed to. After I have sound playing through the system, I have to turn off the sub, then turn it back on. I wrote eD and hope a replacement isn't an issue.

So far, aside from the port noise of my Klipsch, I like the Klipsch better.

EDIT: The amp seems to turn on.... It just takes awhile and I have to turn up the volume pretty loud.
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Well, I am sending this sub back to eD for a refund. I've got the replacement narrowed down to two different, but similar subs. I've been researching for two days now, but I'm deciding between the HSU VTF-2 MK3 or the Outlaw LFM-1 PLUS.

Both are down-firing which makes me feel safer with a little one, but the Outlaw has down-firing ports too. I'd imagine it make it more difficult for a kid to put something inside the sub. The HSU's are on the rear, so I think it'd be fairly safe as well... Hmmm...

I can say that after having this eD (although mine appeard to have an issue), I am happy with my two Klipsch RW-12d subs for the theater.
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I thought I would let you know since your are thinking about getting a downfiring subwoofer I've heard that overtime the weight of the woofer would stretch surround out and damage it. Don't know if its a myth or not just if your going to spend a lot of money on a woofer you don't want it to crap out in a couple of years. You might want to go ask the audiophiles over in the audio forum about this thought.
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Thanks for the heads up. The HSU has a 7 year warranty on the woofer, so I think it'll be alright for awhile.
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I'll have to do some screen shots this weekend, but this screen rocks! I'm loving the SeymourAV Center Stage XD screen (and their frame).

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Need some opinions... I kind of like the look of the white trim. I was *thinking* of keeping the trim white, but paint the doors black. I think it might actually look good and since my can lights have white on the trim rings, the projector is white, and I have a huge white screen, it might actually go well together.

On the other hand, my wife thinks it may look out of place.
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For anyone interested, I have some spare, unused parts for sale.... http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/vbcla...do=ad&id=13963
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I'm thinking about going with Klipsch speakers for my theater. Was that a set you bought, if so what model is it?? Do you recommend those??
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I have always liked most of Klipsch offerings. I do like the horns as they give you a very clear and direct sound. I absolutley enjoy the speakers I got. They can play very loud, very clear and you can feel it. I do realize horns are not everyone's taste, so you may or may not like them.

I basically have the RF-62 package and added a set of RB-51's for the rears and an extra RW-12d. I got a killer deal as I had a buddy that worked part time and Ulitimate Electronics and got me everything at cost. I could have purchased the RF-82's for a total of $400, but went with the RF-62's as the RC-62 used 6.5" drivers. Had I known I was going with an AT screen a couple years ago, I would have purchased 3 RF-62's or 3 RF-82's.


Would I recommend them, absolutely.
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Scott (W00lly) and I built our equipment racks yesterday. I plan to stain it in the next day or two, but it turned out pretty good. I'll pull out the real camera (not iPhone) when I get it stained.

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No rack build details?

It may not be brain surgery but some explanation would be helpful to those of us looking to do something similar. What type of wood did you use - it looks nice. Are all the shelves fixed, or are some adjustable? How did you secure it to the wall/opening?

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Haha... Sorry.

The exterior is 3/4" plywood with an oak veneer. The middle shelf is fixed and is also made of plywood with oak veneer. We also put an oak veneer on the front of the fixed shelf so it does not look like plywood when everything is installed. The sides are pocket jointed for strength and everything fixed is glued as well.

The other 4 shelves are removeable so I can have some flexibility. Scott had a jig so that we could drill holes for push-in dowls. The removeable shelves are made out of 3/4" MDF with an oak veneer on both sides and we also put some oak veneer on the front edge of those shelves as well.

As far as the install... I just set it up in there to make sure if fit. When I do install, I will shim it into place, then counter-sink some screws in. Since I'll have 150-200lbs of equipment (+ the weight of the rack), I will put in some support legs for the rear. I will also make a removeable panel in the rear to seal up the rack, however, I will be installing a bunch of cooling fans to suck the air out so I never have to worry about heat.

Toward the back of the shelves on both sides, I will use a holes saw all the way through to allow clean routing of all the wires. I will have the power come out on the bottom and everything else on the top since placement of all my connects pans out that way.

Here is my rough paint sketch....

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Thanks Jason. That's helpful. Even for us non-Cornhuskers.
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I'm no Cornhusker! My presence here is strictly military My drivers license still says Arizona on it

TBH, I don't mind living here so much, but do look forward to the day we move back to Denver.
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I'm ready to start using this darn theater so I just pulled the trigger on a bunch of cables (HDMI, sub, RCA for amps, etc) and an Anti-Mode. I also ordered some cloth and microsuede samples from ATS as I think I'm going to order their acoustic panels. Now I just have to figure out where I want to place them and whether or not I should put one or two on the ceiling.

After the acoustic panels and calibrating with the Anti-Mode, I'll decide if I need any bass traps. The front wall behind the screen will be completely lined with Linacoustic and I'll likely do some DIY bass traps in those corners as well.
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I really need to stop using the iPhone camera, but my Point-and-Shoot gave up the ghost and the DSLR is just a pain to use sometimes. Anyway, I got some new seats in today. They are the Coaster Pavillion and I can't complain given the price!

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I recently sold my RC-62 center channel speaker in favor of a matching RF-62 to put behind the screen, but I was sent and RF-62 II instead. I gave it a try and I can't tell a difference between the two as far as sound goes, but I am pretty happy with the front 3 being the same. It has finally given me a chance to test out the AT abilities of the screen and I LOVE IT. I would never not do an AT screen.

I definitely need to do my room treatments soon. It can get a bit 'loud' in the room.
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I need to get down there and test drive your setup I'm sure chris would love to check it out also
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Hi yamahaSHO,

Your theater is looking good. Are you happy with the Superseal? Can you feel it in any way below the carpet?
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