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I have the latest DSP update CD on it's way to me.

With firmware Main Version 9 1.01/08801A do I need the custom jig to do a main firmware update or can it all be done via the RS232 port?

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not that I can remember...
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Updating the TX-NR906 and TX-SR876

To help new owners of pre-owned TX-NR906 here is what I used to update my unit, all in one place. Should also work for TX-SR876.

Upgraded from 1.01 to 1.4 then to 1.5 without any issue apart from having to use an old WinXP system with an RS232 port.
All main firmware updates done via RS232 no need to use the custom port mentioned in the firmware thread.
The thread makes it sound like that going to 1.4 then to 1.5 was safer than going straight to 1.5, it might be a different model that has issues but I had the time to do it.

Used the firmware from here:
The above also has a DSP update, but I am waiting for my CD from Onkyo to arrive to be sure I have the latest.

Best part is the addition of new discrete remote codes for Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, ISF mode, direct access to THX modes (eg THX Ultra 2 Cinema) etc.
Complete list of discrete remote codes download in this post.
Note ID 1,2,3 denote remote ID, the default is 1.
Wrap-around/Up codes select next option with each press just like the normal THX and Surround mode buttons do.

The codes are Pronto Hex format and I used the following instructions to get them into my new Harmony remote

The 906 sounds really great with my KEF THX Reference speakers.

Thanks to all the contributors to the above.

Firmware versions after updates:
Main Version 9 1.05/09116A
DSP1 08919A
DSP2 08605C
DSP3 08506A
HDMI 08627A
VIDEO 08703EO/
NET 1.00/080702a

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I've tried to update my 906 using this guide but seem to be running into some roadblocks.

I got mine when they first came out so I'm guessing that my firmware and DSP is in need of updating although I don't have a old laptop with a coms port so tried using a USB to RS232 hoping that I have a cable that works.

To start with I tried doing the update with windows 7 as this picked up and installed the driver I then went into device manager and set all the settings (COM1 and 9600) then installed VB6 then went onto the update. After setting the amp to update mode and checking the settings on the updater all was correct then I clicked update firmware the amp changes from update to search f/w... the updater has no log when the box is ticked and the speed changes to 38600 I have left this for 10 mins but nothing happens.

So I had an old HDD laying around and installed Win XP as this is the OS other people on this forum have said works when using the updater done all of the above again and am still getting the same result.

Is this the error that other people have been getting when using a USB to RS232???

If this is the case then I will need to dig out my coms adaptor for my motherboard and buy a RS232 to RS232 cable I looked on eBay and can get a 10m for under a £5 as my PC is located in another room to do the update.

Any help would be great if I've missed something. I know these cables can be hit or miss but no one has said about there's saying search f/w...

Thanks in advance for any advice but I'm sure the answer is gonna be buy the cable and dig out the port adaptor just means installing XP onto my main PC to carry out the update on the spare HDD of course.

Looks like everything on mine is in need of updating with every version being behind.

Did you get your CD yet for the DSP update and is this the one that fix's the DTS bomb on Star Wars if so would you be able to make an ISO of the disk and post it if possible.

I'm hoping that with this unit being a 906 I don't have to be on 1.01 to perform the updates as this seems to come up when people are talking about upgrading the 905.

I did also see that you posted about a jig but again your F/W was 1.01 so everything went smoothly for you.

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Hi Jon I, sent you a PM but have also had a further look as you say the file can not be burned to an iso however if you rip the file to wav file we should be able to burn it to audio disk.

Hope o hear from you.


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Originally Posted by visca blaugrana View Post

Hi Jon I, sent you a PM but have also had a further look as you say the file can not be burned to an iso however if you rip the file to wav file we should be able to burn it to audio disk.
Hope o hear from you.

No need, it's already done, the DSP firmware in the post below is the same that came on the CD from Onkyo service.

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so what about the 12116A/08605C/08506A DSP I got the 08919A DTS DSP as you link to but still have the DTS boom on A New Hope.
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Hey Guys,

Was just wondering if anyone is experienceing a repeat of the capacitor related HDMI issue that was pretty widespread among 906es a while back.

I had the dreaded 15min to warmup before I could get video back in early 2011. My local repair center replaced 11 capcitors under warranty and
I was a happy camper, that is until about a month ago. I started getting the same blank screen for about 15min until I could get a picture. All to
familiar symptoms. I delat with it until after the Super Bowl and took it back in yersterday. It won't be under warranty this time.

The lady at the receiving counter said mine was the first repaired one she has seen returned with the same issue. So I'm just wondering, has anyone else
who has had their caps replaced experienced the same no video issue again ?

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Please note: I am sad to report that I no longer own the Onkyo TX-NR906. While I loved the receiver, it no longer could meet my needs. I must admit that the Onkyo was one of many that suffered the maladies of many; bad HDMI boards, DTS HD Master "bombs" and very hot running. I have gone on to a new Pioneer SC-67 Elite Class D receiver.

In some respects, the Pioneer outperforms the Onkyo, in others the Onkyo is better. The Pioneer sounds cleaner but the Onkyo sounds more powerful with greater power reserves. The Onkyo has a far better remote control (I used a Logitech Harmony One anyway). The Pioneer MCCAC gives a far better and more accurate surround sound effect than the Onkyo's Audyssey. The Pioneer has some really nice features that improves the sound quality of compressed audio files plus it supports Apple's AirPlay. The Pioneer''s multi-zone capability is better than the Onkyo, has dual subwoofer outputs and finally, the Pioneer has nine channels of amplification. One bad thing about the Pioneer, HDMI switching is rather slow, even slower than the ponderous Onkyo. All this made me decide it was time to upgrade and move on.

Thank you for your support and I hope that all of you have many years of future enjoyment with your receivers.

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Yea thought bout replacement and will decide when the repair estimate comes back.

The scary thing they told me was that they have to use Onkyo parts. That's exactly
what's causing the problem - EGAD Charlie Brown !
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Great news ! $600 estimate to replace HDMI board - no way. Arrived at repair facility today to pick it up and it was WORKING !

By Grace a dealer had sent in another 906 with a different issue, turned down the repair estimate and requested
that the repair shop "dispose of it please". They grabbed the (working) HDMI board, upgraded the caps and plugged
it in mine. Working great (at the moment). $190 including labor.

Happy Camper !

If the board goes again, I'm just going to pick up an HDMI switch and my 906 will function as audio only.

That is unless NR3010 prices get ridiculous ($1K not likely anytime soon) LOL !
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Would you mind telling me where this repair shop is ? I could really use the tuner module from this "disposal" unit smile.gif
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Hey Mike, It's Alltech in northern New Jerey.

I called them for you this morning, they still have the unit and are checking with the tech to see if the tuner's good.

I'll let you know.
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Awesome. Thanks.
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Hey Mike, haven't heard back. You might want to call them yourself. I told the lady
who usually answers that I was calling on behalf of someone on an internet forum so she
shouldn't be surprised when you call. Just tell her Frank with the bad shoulder told you
to call and she'll get it. She had the same surgery I did and we spoke about it. Oh and
she's the one who speaks English as a first language.

Alltech's number is (973) 633-8715.

I've been there twice personally and they are a professional organization.

Let me know how it turns out if you get a minute.

Have fun !
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Thank you Frank I do appreciate it !
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Still have mine in mint condition. Of course the HDMI board flew south but I always hooked it 7.1 analogue with the HDMI going from the bluray player straight to the plasma. I use it as a pre/pro for a multichannel power amp. The 906 is a solidly built unit and does an outstanding job as a pre/pro minus the HDMI board. Will keep this unit for a long time still.
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Hello all,
not sure anyone read this thread any more, but I’ve been looking for main firmware for TX-NR906, Can someone guide me in the right direction? I mostly found dead links and o
Thanks very much
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I have v1.05 in a 9.4 mb zip file. PM with you email address and I will send you a copy.
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trekguy I've just pm you.

I have flashed 906 with 876 firmware, and now lost network fuctions on my 906!! I'd be great If your file worked!
Thank you very much.
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Trekguy kindly sent me 876_906_9_9Main1.05.zip file. I have flashed files in DHC99 folder inside the zip file. Flash completed fine but unfortunately, network features still not working.

Original firmware versions before any updating were:
Main 9 1.02/08x23A
DSP 1st SR9061 08919A
DSP 2nd SR9062 08605C
DSP 3rd SR9063 08506A
HDMI 1.00/08627A
VIDEO 08703E01293
NET 1.00/080702a

When I mistakenly flash 876 .1.04 firmware yesterday, main changed to 87 1.04/082Z22A

Now when I did trekguy’s files main changed to: 87 1.05/09116A

Others are the same except NET is no longer showing!

What should I do to get network features back? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am thinking to try correct firmware specific to tx-nr906. but I don’t have the correct files.

Does anyone have a copy of TXNR906_104.zip file gurkey mentioned in firmware thread? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1016297/the-onkyo-integra-direct-firmware-updates
Or even early versions of 906 firmware?

Thanks in advance...
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I have it, send me a PM with your email address, and I will sent the file to you.

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Sytyguy I’ve just sent a PM, hopefully it will work!!!
Will post how I get on.
Thanks very much
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Pleased to let you know that now I have flashed the file TXNR906_104.zip (kindly sent by Sytyguy and Trekguy) and every thing working fine now.

Main version changed to 9 1.04/08Z22A, others stays the same. All functions working now!!!

When I flashed 906 with wrong files (TXSR876_104.zip and 876_906_9_9Main1.05.zip) all network features disappeared from menus, Including USB, mac address became all zeros! even Net/USB key on the remote did nothing.

Thank you
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On firmware. Does the EU versions work on US models?? I have 1.04eu and 1.05eu????
If not, could I get the US version from you guys??

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The EU 1.04 works on the US models, as evidence of Lochi, which is what I sent him.  For some reason the 1.05EU did not work in all cases for him.  Go back a couple of replies.

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pin out of dis service connector i needed

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Ayrton, 1.05eu you have got is the same as files in the 876_906_9_9Main1.05.zip?

This didn’t work in my case. (Not sure that is because I have flashed TXSR876_104 before 876_906_9_9Main1.05 )
But TXNR906_104 worked.
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You've got a PM! ^ And Thanks!
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Hello guys!
Some time ago, the only one in Moscow service center changed the hdmi board under warranty on my TX-NR906. Then on the TV screen disappeared visualization menu 1.1 and 4.4 string (all others displayed normal). After that I found this forum and update firmware. Now firmware versions are:
MAIN9 1.04 08Z22A
DSP1 SR9061 08919A
DSP2 SR9062 08605C
DSP3 SR9063 08506A
HDMI 1.00 08627A
Net 1.00 080702a
Net usr 080702 / 230310
Net rfs 080702 / 230310
Net krn 080605 / 133701
Net ipl 070926 / 141309
but problems exist.

Is it possible to fix this problems? Maybe new firmware?Also, for some reason I can not get over the LAN to the device. The device information is not displayed - 404 error.
1.1.JPG 102k .JPG file 4.4.JPG 147k .JPG file
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