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I just randomly ran in to this clip on youtube. For me, the interesting part here isn't the caller, it's watching the call-taker's response, and considering the situation as a whole.

This is not here to make a political statement

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Don't miss this year's Ig Nobel Awards:

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also, Macys now selling illuminati/bohemian grove shirts
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Like many, I love AC/DC but can't listen to them anymore because i know the songs too well. AC/DC has a new album called Black Ice comming out in two days on the 20th of October.

The nice thing is you can listen to the whole album now, legally, here:


I listened to it a few times yesterday, and found myself booting it up again today. The album is bit milder than any of their other albums, i think.
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When I visit a certain extended family member I sometimes start ripping em. Within a day of leaving it goes away. I claim it doesn't happen anywhere else, it is because they stress me out. That didn't sound too believable to myself, but sure seemed true. Now I know it is..


ps I'm sure I set myself up for some jokes, but that's ok, I know they are really talking about their mom.
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This should keep you busy for a few days:


Be sure to catch the cow matrix about 10 titles into the stack....
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Thanks for the link.

A Horrible, Horrible accident happened in Montevideo, Uruguay

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That 3D rolodex interface on www.searchme.com just blows my mind. I now prefer that over Google for finding stuff. Between that and www.cooliris.com my ADD has finally been addressed.
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thanks for the links nded. no really.



I ordered two of these for gifts:
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[apparently] great news!

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Rocket balls are hollow spheres, made of rubberized rocket fuel; when ignited, they propel themselves around at random at high speed, bouncing off the walls and breaking through doors, turning the entire building into an inferno.

see above
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I'd like to see this girl get a upscale makeover then go back and have these same pictures taken. a before and after



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curious.. anyone else here have a ps3 too?
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I do, based on your shopping tip: $150 credit w/ new Sonystyle credit card.
Ive played DVDs & BRDs on the PS3. They look terrific !!
HalfLife Orange Box is the only game I have so far. Saw your tip for MSG4, but I'm hooked on FPShooters, prolly buy original Resistance next.
Painlessly networked PS3 via TVersity and made all computer's media available on HDTV.
my beloved 5040 is steadily losing traction in my entertainment center.
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mgs4 is a first person shooter! the best one I think. To get a good idea what a game is like go to youtube and put in 'name of game' ps3 gameplay.

'gameplay' is better then 'demo', 'trailer' or 'preview' because it shows the game in action without the hype. (you may have known that)

random mgs4 gameplay video:

This season (especially black friday week) has offered sooo many ps3 games for sooo cheap. I think this is because of the recession and that software venders can drasticly lower their selling price since it only costs a few dollars to print a dvd. Somehow (shrill) I've spent about $250 on ps3 games but I got a slew of them, most of them for $10-$15 shipped. I got resistance (first one) for $15 shipped from amazon around black friday. I haven't opened it yet.

Another great shooter is rainbow 6 vegas 2. It's dang good and has gone on the totally cheap. Strangely, I got two used copies for $6 each and one new copy for $10. I only got Liz to play it with me a few times, so I'm going to try to sell them or trade them.

I got orange box used for like $12 on black friday. At gamestop they offer buy two used games get one free deals about once a month. The math works great on new games too. Instead of $60 plus $4 tax per a game, you can get new used games for $50ish.. 3 new $64 games for $108 instead of $192 ($50+$50+$8 tax). bla bla

I got warhawk shipped for $15

You can rent games from gamefly. It's like netflix for games. I haven't done that because I've been getting games soo cheap why rent.
However, gamefly often sells their used games for dirt cheap.. usually $10 shipped.

be sure to scan www.cheapassgamer.com once or twice a week. It's like fatwallet for games. I also search for ps3 at fatwallet about once or twice a week.

I'm winding down, I've got tooo many games now. I'm embarrassed to say I probably spent $325ish on games this season, but didn't buy much else. I think I have like 25 games. Yet, I could sell it all in a year and probably break even. I anticipate selling about half of them somewhat cheap on craigslist.

bla bla bla.

you should trust me and get mgs4 if you like first person shooters. I think it's the best ps3 game out. There might be one left near you if you call a store and ask if any are left in the district 240-1110 or was it 260-1110

Another older arcadish style FPS I found fun is Lost Planet. (was once $10 shipped/used via gamefly)
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you rock, cow !!
found one locally, also had $8 left on a old RS gift card.
net price: $12
sweet !!!
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