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Stewart screenmaterial only ?  

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Anyone know if I can buy Stewart screen material to build my own custom screen, or do they only sell "complete" screens ??

All help appreciated.
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If you were Stewart, would you sell your specially-coated high-grade material in great rolls that could be sold in bulk? Sell your meat and potatoes... for peanuts?

Sure, cheaper material can be bought off a roll. Or so I've heard.
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Thanks Centaur - price is not the issue here though.The question is, can the material be bought (via Stewart, or one of its autherised dealers) - at the going rate - or would I need to buy a complete screen, and discard the frame ?

I`m not looking for discounts !! (although I can see it may appear that way !)
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My understanding is that you can purchase any of their non-perforated screen materials without a frame.
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Hi trevorone,
I was wondering this same thing myself. I could never locate the Stewart material so I settled on Dalite. I found a web site that sells Dalite material and just ordered the Cinema Vision (1.3) material at $5.21 per square foot (Free shipping). They just had a price increase a few days ago, it was selling for $4.32. If you are interested in the Dalite material, then you can check it out Here.

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thanks guys
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I don't think you would find the raw material listed online, but Stewart definitely sells their screen fabrics raw, they also come with proper snaps/grommets and borders for mounting.


Kam Fung
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