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I am moving next week and do not want or need a landline phone. I have 1 Series 2 Samsung S4120R D*Tivo and 1 DirecTV HR20-700 DVR. I've never had either box connected to my PC to-date so what kind of goodies can I expect if I do an ethernet connection? I understand that it may be possible to view photos on my TV but what about .wmv-format movies?

My internet connection is cable modem and my PC has only 1 ethernet jack. Would I first need a router and then an ethernet adapter (USB 2) to interface with my computer?

Will I still get schedule updates with no phone line? What about firmware updates? My D*Tivo was activated several years ago so my understanding is that without a phone line I can't order PPV (which I don't) and I will get a nag message once a month.

Thanks for any help!