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how to test using samples??  

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What do y'all do to test and judge samples of materials to determine which one is best for making a screen?

Today I went to Home Depot and picked up some samples of formica/laminate and some paint color cards. My samples end up being around 4"x4" (since I took multiples of each of the small samples). I then tape the samples to the wall and try watching some movies/TV shows. But I'm finding it very difficult to make judgements, due to the small size of the samples and the moving scenes/people.

So I was wondering if anyone has a good system for picking out the best among the many possible choices.

I have a 1900 lumen LCD projector (Proxima DP9250+), and am looking to improve contrast and colors.
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Maybe you can find some insight here...

Not exactly apples to apples, but it is a very good explanation of how he evaluated different samples.
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Formica at the Home Depot is about $50 (Canadian) for a 4'x8' sheet but I was able to find some smaller (2'x4') pieces for only $2.90!!! These aren't scraps so I don't understand how they can be so cheap - but they are great for testing with your projector.

I picked up a piece of White Matte and a piece of Folkstone Matte. Hopefully your local HD has the smaller pieces - try out the Folkstone with your projector (it is a light gray).
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Yeah, I liked the Ice White as well but noticed that the WilsonArt white was just a shade or two more on the grey side. It is a cool grey, meaning it leans slightly towards the blue end of the spectrum, rather than a warm white which leans in the yellow direction. I think I read somewhere that the warmer off-whites color the image differently than a true white or a cooler white.

The Greyhawk is really grey, and is supposed to have the effect of boosting the black levels. I think this is a good compromise.

I was going to further sand the surface to take off a bit of the sheen, but I think I'll just project on it for now and see how it looks.

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Hey, my post here has gone missing. I mentioned Ice White right after Nolan K's post. What's up with that?

Yeah, I'm a bit worried about the slight sheen. Sanding sounds like a good idea, but uniformity could be difficult.
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The Formica samples appear to reflect more than WilsonArt samples I tried out. When I put four of the same color Formica samples together, they appeared as four different shades when I looked at them straight on with my projector on. Only when I looked at them from an angle did the shades start looking alike.

With the WilsonArt samples, I did not notice this effect as much. So if I go with a laminate solution, I will probably go with WilsonArt rather than Formica.

Also with the Formica greys like Folkstone, whites look too dark when looking at them from an angle. Of course, since the small samples are against a white wall, the difference is only made more apparant to me.

My projectors reds and greens are stronger than the blues, so it sounds like a cool gray would help with that?
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