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Thread Starter Launches New Quarterly DVD Series - Home Theater Revealed, Inc., the Internets largest and most active community dedicated to home audio and video, announced today the launch of a new quarterly DVD series showcasing personal theaters. The DVD produced in cooperation with Rising Star Marketing, Inc, will feature AVS Forum member theaters from around the country and also interviews with industry professionals.

David Bott of said, With the affordability of digital front projectors we have seen a great deal of dedicated theaters pop up. With such growing interest, we felt it would be great for dedicated theater owners to tell their story. After all, if you are looking to build or even already have a dedicated room, it is always nice to hear from someone with the same interest.

It is something different. Something that extends the learning process of the AVS Forum site itself. Says Alan Gouger of AVS. You can learn directly from others who have been through it and hear their story.

"All of us who share this passion for home theater enjoy one thing, seeing other home theaters," says Warren Peterson of Rising Star Marketing. "With this ongoing series you are taken into the front row to hear from theater owners themselves, and the industry professionals who come to share their insights with you. I'm proud to have AVS Forum present this DVD series!"

The DVD will be available through a dedicated site for ordering with the initial volume ready to ship within the next week. Each disc will feature 3 to 4 member theaters as the main content and an interview with an industry professional. Future discs may include such features as factory tours, how to's, industry conferences, and product information.

The initial price through the AVS Forum site is $23.99 via subscription.

To see the trailer and for ordering information please see:

To see about having your theater or a theater you had a hand in building featured, please contact Home Theater Revealed at Future @ HomeTheaterRevealed.Com

To become a sponsor of the disc, please contact David Bott at david @

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About Rising Star Marketing, Inc
Rising Star Marketing, Inc. is a privately-held Illinois, USA organization dedicated to home theater products. RSM products include The Home Theater Book, From Concept to Completion: Designing Your Dream Home Theater, and Home Theater Revealed, the DVD series that brings home theater owners and industry experts to you.