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Pioneer CS-R590

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Hi all
After my recent loss of crap speakers to high volume ordeal, I am on the lookout for new speakers. Does anyone know anything about the Pioneer CS-R590 speakers? Google doesn't seem to help much.
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there old thats all i can find about them
if your looking for cheap very good speakers and you have a sub or can get one try the B.I.C venturi DV62si there about $100 on amazon
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Honestly, they are junk.

I bought a pair at Goodwill for for five bucks for the pair. I had some delusion that they would make passable garage speakers.

I gave them back to Goodwill after a week. I even upgraded the crossovers.

I went back to my self designed car audio abortions for better sound in my garage.

I would never recommend these speakers to anyone for any reason.
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If you're looking for a cheap bookshelf speakers take a look at these.

What is your budget for two speakers?
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