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Quick Test - turn-off your DTV box & reconnect analog  

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How many NTSC stations are you getting?


I did this test. Since I've upgraded my antenna to a rooftop model, not only has my DTV improved, but I'm also getting more analog stations than I've ever seen before. 24 stations! I should have done this years ago.
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What's analog? i've been watching digital programming since 2001. Why would I want to see what analog channels I can get? Especially since they will go dark in a few months.
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Curiosity. A desire to know and understand how or why things are the way they are. ----- In my specific case, I'm curious how these antenna upgrades have affected NTSC analog reception for other people. If you don't want to participate in the test, then leave peaceably. (shrug)

Why would I want to see analog...?

Blatantly obvious. The analog stations might have shows you can not receive on digital. Example: I can't get Orioles or Ravens games on DTV; so I use analog instead.
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I did that test a few months ago. I get more digital channels than analog. I don't count the analog signals that are poor picture quality as I never watched them.
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I get 5 more bad PQ analog stations now compared to 4 months ago. No antenna change. There has been tower work, and Falcon's spreadsheet mentioned some analog power reductions coming up, less competition for the LPs.
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I upgraded to a rooftop antenna in 1969. Still getting the same analog channels.
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I've been digital since 2003, but I recently flicked through the analog channels from my VCR while I was trying to set the clock (that's all I use ol' Bessy Lu for these days...). Needless to say, what I saw was traumatizing. I got about 8 barely watchable channels. I screamed like a girl and quickly switched back to digital. The world was whole again...
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I have 16 watchable analog channels, where "watchable" allows for a bit of noise (graininess or "snow"), and 19 digital channels that I can count on receiving most of the time. There are a couple more digitals that I can receive in the evening at least half the time, which I actually do watch when they're available, for out-of-town local news.
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What's the point ? I was receiving analog long before I got any digital tuner, and there haven't been any new stations added since the digitals came online.
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Originally Posted by Scooper View Post

What's the point ?

There is no real point, and there will be even less of one in a few months.

Oh, I get the exact same channels digitally as analog, except for 2 Canadian stations that aren't available in DTV. For 5 channels that I'm about 50 miles away from, the digital versions are as expected, perfect, and the analog ones typically have interference and ghosting.

Just as an FYI, my turntable also still works for records but won't play my CD's.
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