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Need help to decide LCD tv......

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I plan to buy a 40" lcd.So my first question is:-

1) Is it adequate for my room which has a viewing distance of ~7-8 feet

and i had shortlisted basically two models:-

Samsung series 5


Sony W series

But i came to know that for a premium i can get a Series 6 Samsing.....

So, basically:-

2) Does it deserve the increased price .

3) Does 100Hz matter in gaming on a ps3.

4) Also i will mainly be watching SDTV cable, and gaming on my ps3 , so what's the best tv regarding it.

i believe sony tv's are overpriced and the w series doesn't even have 100Hz support....

Prices for 40" in india are:-

Samsung series 5 - INR 74000 (Approx 1645 US $)

Samsung series 6 -INR 100000 (Approx 2222 US $)

Sony W series - INR 103990 (Approx 2310 US $)
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With your viewing distance you can easily view a 52" if you have HD sources as your choice. I've viewed a 57" for two years and could have a 65" at 8.5'. I also own a 45" Sharp in my loft for the wife and her Dead People Movie Channels like AMC but I have never had a single occasion to go up and watch anything on it as the larger panel has always delivered more WoW everything is better on a 57" as would be with a 65" when I move up there to that size!

If the budget cannot take you to 52" then go 46" as size matters - making those two million pixels larger and bringing out more detail in the picture. However, if your buying it for Turdvision SD stick with the 40". SD on my 57" is equally as bad as the 45" but better than the SXRD and Plasma I used to own - I tolerate the little SD I watch for the 90%+ HD benefits and WoW factor.

Both Panels your considering are excellent so choose the one that makes you take your wallet out when auditioning and making sure the Sony has no sparkles. Often the Sony has better built in sound if that matters at all.

Go as big as your budget can take you is my daily mantra on this forum provided you feed it HD Sources.
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OK, what does 'bump' mean?
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OK, what does 'bump' mean?

It just a way to bring your Post back to the Top.
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