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Tvix Wallpaper using Dvd Profiler data

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It is possible to create wallpapers using your Dvd Profiler database. All you have to do is create a report, and then using print to file. Now there is some extra work to do, it is not a program that I speak of. I don't know how to create programs and such, just a user I quess.

So here is what I did:

1> First you will need a print to file software. I am trial testing Eprint, it was a google find, there are others. Link to this one:http://www.eprintdriver.com/default.html

2> Open Dvd Profiler and create a report that is the correct size and shape, and using the tools add any of the info that you wish to have displayed from the database. You could have extra images that are used as need to make up rating, screen format, studio, and so on. And save it, run the report preview to see how it looks. You will have to setup your margins so that only one appears per page. And when you print keep the default page size set to letter.

3> Now you can run your report and then print using Eprint. Follow the different options there. Sellect JPG as your format. Since I am just using the trail version of this software, it places a logo on it, in the lower right of the page, not a problem since I have kept its print default to letter size,

4> Then go to your file that you just created, and open it, I am just using Windows Photo Gallery for this. Crop it to get rid of white margins and the logo stamp and save.

5> It is ready to be placed in your movie file using the apropriate file name.

This is not something that has to be printed to file one at a time, Eprint will make a separate file for each page that makes up the report. And it will create file names in different ways with the options.

The great part about using this is, if you use Dvd Profiler, than you have all the info already at hand, and you can modify it there too. You can have symbals that make-up the Screen format, studios, sound format, ratings, and of coarse cover art front and back if wanted. All sorts of things. If it is in the Dvd Profiler data, then it can be displayed, as text or as an image.

And this can all be done off line!

Again I will say that this is not a program that I created, but I think that someone could do it so that it was an automated proceedure.

I hope this is useful

(Thank you Thaimite for your post in the Gui builder about using the print to file, it is the little this that one forgets.)
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If any one is interested, I have been able to find a good "print to file" program, first one made to choppy image, could not get it set just right. This one can produce really good .jpg files for the Tvix. It is called Zan Image maker, it is not freeware, has a 30 day free trial period, link here Zan.

I have designed my first jpg templet in Dvd Profiler's reports, and I have include a copy of one of my movies. Nice part about doing these, I make my design, and hit one button to see all my movies done in the report.

Now getting them from "print to file" to ready for Tvix, is not so simple for me yet. But I am working on it. I am using a program called Gimp to crop and scale images to size for the Tvix.

It is a freeware program GNU Image Manipulation Program

Once I get this just right, I will post a how-to-do-it.

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I have create a little plugin for generating the folder and outline images for the Divco TVIX multimedia player with the DVD Profiler data.

See on plugins Invelos site.

Tvix Plugin.
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