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Originally Posted by daMaster View Post

VolumeControl is essential to my HT, love it!

Does it run on Windows 7 x64? I'm currently running Vista x86 on my HTPC and VolumeControl runs there. I want to upgrade to 7 x64, but only if VolumeControl will still work.

Originally Posted by kriktsemaj99 View Post

I've never tested it with Windows 7 64-bit. It was written to use .NET 2.0, so if that's supported I guess it will work.

But wouldn't you be better off updating your receiver to the firmware version that includes the larger volume display? (unless you need some other feature of VolumeControl, not just the larger numbers).

Finally got around to upgrading my HTPC to Windows 7 64-bit over the weekend and I wanted to report that VolumeControl works perfectly fine. Makes sense that it would since really the OS provides drivers to the serial interface, and VolumeControl simply accesses the serial port via the OS.
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Originally Posted by kriktsemaj99 View Post

Here's a new version of PEQedit that works with the RX-V1900. This model use a few new RS-232 commands, but by monitoring what Receiver Manager was sending to tv tweaker's 1900, we figured out what they are.

It won't work directly with the 3900 or Z7, but you can at least use Receiver Manager in Async mode to upload your settings and save them in a file. Then you can load the PEQ settings from this .xml file into PEQedit and display them. Note that only one of the 4 sets of values (Flat, Front, Natural or Manual) is loaded at a time, so to display a different set you have to change PEQ type and load settings from the file again.

NB. one slight glitch with the 1900 is that when you open the COM port PEQedit does not display the currently selected PEQ type correctly. Just ignore that and select the type you want to upload/download from the PEQ type drop-down list.

I did not know about this cool tool. The above post included V1.1. I just want to confirm that this is the current version. I am really excited to find it. Thank you for making it available.
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There is a version 1.2 of PEQedit (link), but the only difference from 1.1 is that it can read files saved by Receiver Manager for the new RX-A models.
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Hi Everyone,

I think the link to PEQedit has died so if anyone is willing to make it available again I would be very happy. This software makes me feel good about picking this receiver (rx-v1700).

Update: I found it.

Best Regards,
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The old link to version 1.1 seems to be dead, so I attached it again here.
PEQedit_v1.1.zip 65k .zip file

I also attached the newer version 1.2 with limited A-series support (the new version also works with the older RS-232 models, but if you have an older model you may need the documentation from the v1.1 download).
A-Series.zip 65k .zip file
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Originally Posted by kriktsemaj99 View Post

Actually, it would be good to hear that it's working for anybody else, because maybe there's something odd about my PC. But I am using it on a different machine from the one that built the application, so that gives me some confidence it should work for others. Check that you have the .NET framework version 2.0.

Works on my RX-V2500.Thanks to avs i have found the receiver manager program for my receiver and works great..

I had to repair one of the main boards and the fan circuit of the receiver after i purchased it on ebay.
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Hi Kriktsemaj99,

Volume control and PEQ now works in my HTR-6190 )) Thanks for MegaJob!

The only thing better would be if there were more bands of PEQ
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For me the 7 PEQ bands are enough for the main channels, but having only 2 for the subwoofer (and with a limited choice of centre frequencies) is definitely not enough. The new models have 4 bands for the sub, but still with the same limited set of frequencies.
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Maybe-maybe. I"ll try it tonight. ))
I have one more question about optical inputs. All of rear side optical inputs cant work in my reciever, only front.I tried to activate them from menu but to no avail. All of other inputs work properly. How do you think what the problem?
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When you use an optical input, do you also have something plugged into the HDMI connector with the same name? When you select a specific input (e.g. DVD) then the default is to look first for audio on the HDMI connector marked DVD. If there's something connected to that HDMI input but you want audio from the optical input marked DVD instead, then you have to press AUDIO SEL on the remote to change from AUTO to COAX/OPT.

Of course everything can be reassigned (or screwed up!) from the Input Menu, but see if AUDIO SEL solves your problem.
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I have a rx-v1700 and Im struggling to get receiver manager and PEQedit to work.

I try to connect using a dell latitude d520 laptop using the serial port in a dockingstation. Com port is configured according to Yamaha specification: 9600 / No parity / 8bits / 1stopbit / Hardware flow ctrl. Ive confirmed that the serial port is working through connecting it to my TI-83 calculator which works fine. However when I try to connect to the receiver I get the following error messages:
PEQedit - "Could not open communication!"
Rec. Manager - "Communication error occurred during initialization"

I have tried to send the OSDmessage.txt and MasterVolume.txt files using Hyperterminal but get no response in HyperTerminal and nothing changes on the receiver. When I use debug mode in PEQedit it doesnt seem like it is neither sending or receiving anything.

I have used two types of cable:
- 1. One is a regular Serial Cable with a null-modem adapter according to this: http://www.kjell.com/images/Product_133139274331612415/full/2/nollmodemsadapter
- 2. The second is null modem cable with this specification: http://www.kjell.com/.mvc/Document/File?id=9e448b3a-ba64-4b93-a912-a04a00fdad7a

The second one looks a bit strange but the first seem to be according to the Yamaha specification.

Any ideas what this could be due? Quite new area to me so not sure how to move forward in trouble shooting.

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Use the regular serial cable with null-modem adapter (pins 2/3 and 7/8 will be swapped as required). You seem to have the correct settings (including RTS/CTS flow control). You need to check that the cable/adapter combination is working by testing both of them together with another device (you can just connect two PC serial ports together and send data with Hyperterminal).

I presume you have the 1700 turned on (because it may not respond to RS-232 commands when in standby, that depends on a setting in the advanced setup menu).

If you connect the 1700 to the PC, run Hyperterminal with the proper settings, then simply change the volume on the 1700 (with the remote or the master volume knob), you should see feedback from the 1700 without even having to send any commands.

I don't really have any other ideas, but testing the cable/adapter combo is important.
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Ok, tried to turn the knob while connected in Hyperterminal, shows nothing.

I'll try to get a hold of a second computer with serial port and check that the cable-combo is OK and get back here with the news.
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Actually I'm not 100% sure that you will get feedback until you've sent the code for "Report Command Enable". But regardless, PEQedit or Receiver Manager should work as long as the cable and null-modem adapter are OK.
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Ok, so some good news.

Turns out cable used in 1. above was not a straight serial cable but a null modem cable of the same type as cable two (found this out while trying to connect two computers together). Also using only the cable in 1. (or in 2, as they where the same) the commands from the receiver could be seen in HyperTerminal. So far so good but still not able to connect to using receiver manager and PEQedit (same error message as above).

At this point it is then a matter of getting the right straight through cable (female/female) to use with the adapter which we didnt have. Instead my dad got the idea to mod a straight through male to female cable to solder pin 8 (CTS) with pin 7 (RTS) on the computer side. And then use this cable together with the null modem cable as defined in 2. above. This way pin 2 and 3 are crossed and the computer should believe receiver is always clear to send. Turns out this works quite well and receiver manager is now fully initializing and I can do both async and realtime with no errors.

However, PEQedit still gives the same error messages "Could not open communication! "

When I run it in debug mode it sends the following "20000 20101 07E7E 07E7E" but the nothing is received. When it is sent though "main power on" appears on the menu-screen on the connected TV.

Could this be due to the modded cable? Are there instances where the receiver checks clear to send before sending data?

A sidequestion:
In receiver manager I've noticed that as you initialize all zones are turned on (no matter what the setting was on the receiver or receiver manager previously). Is this just how it works or is there a way to change this behaviour?
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I'm not sure about your improvised cable, but if Receiver Manager works then I think PEQedit should as well. Make sure you close RM before starting PEQedit, because only one application can use the serial port at a time.

Also what OS are you using (and is it 32- or 64-bit)? PEQedit was built for .NET version 2.0, and I don't know if it works on all versions of Windows.
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Im using WinXP 32bit with .NET 2.0 installed. Gives no errors on startup. I will try the proper cable setup today and see if it makes any difference.

In the readme it says that PEQedit has not yet been tried with rx-v1700, could it be that some specific commands used are not supported?
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I think the commands are OK, and I still think the cable could be the reason. PEQedit configures the PC serial port to expect hardware handshaking, but RM might not (that's the only reason I can think of why RM works with that cable). If the proper cable doesn't work, I can compile a version of PEQedit without handshaking to see if it makes a difference (both PC and receiver should have enough buffering to work without handshaking).

BTW, which version of PEQedit do you have (Help / About will show the version number)?
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Updated: Didnt see last post. I use version of PEQedit and I thought something similar might be the reason for the error.

Original post:

Ok, got all the right cables now and now PEQedit is working as well. Really nice application and feels so good to be able to do this on this receiver from 6 years ago when new ones in this price range dont support this feature. Now time for some serious tuning.

Thanks for the help and for making the apps available!
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Glad it's working. I think manual PEQ adjustment starts at the RX-V673 this year, but I'm not sure what sort of graphical interface you get with it.
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PEQEdit doesn't work for my RX-V2500 but it does turn it on.Does it work better then the receiver manager version?By the way all programs such as volume control work fine on windows 8 64bit.


krik, im going to try what you suggested in post #64

"Actually there is a way to see the results from the file that Receiver Manager (RM) creates:

Run RM, upload your settings and save to a file (it's just a text file).
Open the file in a text editor (Notepad will work) and search for "Parametric EQ".
Select all the lines below that point that start with "(Natural-", Copy them and paste into a new text file with the .peq extension (there will be about 200 lines, and the last ones are for the subwoofer settings). Save that new file.
In PEQedit you can now open the new .peq file and display your settings.
You can make 3 separate files for the Natural-, Flat- and Front- settings (just cut the appropriate lines out of the RM file)."

Thank you for your good work.
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