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Hello all!

I have a problem that I can't seem to solve by myself :\\ ... for as long as I remember, I've been using MPC (now in version (rev 72)) to playback all of my .mkv HD materials. Problem that I and all of my friends faced is that there seems to be visible video stuttering (is this word even used for describing that problem?... you may say that playback isn't really smooth) when camera is panning left-right or up-down. It is especially noticeable when camera is rotating around some object.

As none of us have been exactly pleased with that, I tried using MPC-HC((build 1.1.604 x64) that supports DXVA acceleration and EVR renderer). Unfortunately, I can't seem to get any sound of it ... at the same time, MPC plays sound just fine ...

Reading through this forum, I got an impression that "stuttering" may be more related to badly encoded .mkv files, than anything else. Hardware I am running my main box on is IntelQ9450, GeForce 9600GT, 8GB RAM and x64 Vista Business edition, so I suppose that hardware alone is powerful enough and I must be dealing with some software issue.

And as for sound part of the story, I noticed that MPC is using AC3Filter, but MPC-HC is using Microsoft MPEG-1/DD Audio Decoder and AVI-<> AC3/DTS Audio Decoder no matter what I choose in external filters.

Can anyone please help me with any of these issues?

Installed codecs are:
- cyberlink powerdvd 7 & 8
- ac3filter
- latest ffdshow (build 08.09.2008)

Playback software:
- cyberlink powerdvd 7 & 8
- mpc
- mpc-hc

Thanks, Megiae