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Comcast dhc3416 remote won't work when connected to TV??

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We just upgraded our Comcast service to include the DVR and all the digital channels.
I went and picked up the receiver and hooked it up very simply cable in, HDMI to the TV ( Panasonic TH-50PX60U 50' Plasma).
Only to our avail the standard Comcast remote would not work the DVR. It would work our TV fine, just not the DVR. I called Comcast and they said it was a faulty box. So after 3 boxes I'm convinced it's not the boxes.
I can disconnect the box from the TV (HDMI or component, I've tried both) and the remote will work the box perfectly.
Comcast sent a guy out on friday, and after 2 hrs he had no answer and left. The box will work when you use the buttons on the front of the DVR, but who wants that. I can't access all the features without the remote, besides I'm lazy I need my remote!

Anyone have any suggestions??
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+1 !!!

Same box, different TV - Samsung 40A650. Notice that the remote works after some "time" or after channels change is done via the box, or some other mysterious event.

Other posts have suggested:
TV "power saving" interference. I turned my power saving feature off, no change.

Honestly, I think there is some kind of "bug", and not interference because even when I jam the remote right next to the box's IR sensor, it won't work. But once it starts working, it works rfom then on.

I think everyone having this problem we have got to call comcast and keep having them swap our boxes until they work it up-stream (firmware?)
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Ok I guess I fixed my own issue...sort of. After reading thru several old threads, I saw that someone mentioned a piece of paper in front of the IR receiver and whadiyaknow.... it works. I just taped a piece of paper in front of my DVR box and the remote works great.
Very stupid looking but it works... Whoodathunkit!
AVS Forums triumphs again!
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a piece of paper?! wait, to what effect? a white one? black? trying to block? trying to avoid reflections?

EDIT: OMG. It worked. I put a white piece of paper on the IR (its to the right of the display), then I put a brown one, I'll find a black one next.
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It is interference, but it is caused by the light from your TV or another light source overwhelming the IR signal from your remote. A white piece of paper will not block IR as much as other light bands and therefore allows the signal to come through.
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Just wanted to say how frustrated I was with Comcast. I too called and returned a bad hd box because comcast said it was the box and a faulty remote. After replacing the old box I still could not channels. After reading this thread I'm happy to say I'm at a loss of words. I did not believe a piece a paper would do the trick till I tried it and it worked thanks
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No way. No effing way.

I cannot believe that worked!!?
Does it make any sense at all that when I used component the issue did not happen? Only when using HDMI?

Sorry for bringing this back from the dead, but it's a serious issue for people living with it. Does anyone know of something (besides paper) that looks notsobad sitting in front of your cable box? Or has someone tried, maybe, a circular mylar sticker directly over the IR sensor? I'll mess around and post what I find... But it has been months... I'm so happy.
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