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ATI AIW 2006 9600 Raedon TV audio but no video

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I have a low budget HTPC that I recently pieced together. Before I get to far into my issues I will state some of my specs.
  • Windows XP home SP3
  • Pentium 4 2.53
  • 2GB DDR 400
  • ATI All-In-Wonder 2006 AGP

I purchased the $30 VGA to Component adapter from ATI and have it connected to my Sony Wega CRT HDTV. Everything is working extremely well except for the TV app within MMC. The tuner picks up all my channels when I scan for them and I even get audio when I open the TV app on all channels. The issue is that all I get is a black screen..... no video, just audio. The funny thing I did notice was when the TV app displays the channel info its showing the resolution as HD:960i but this is a standard cable tuner. I thought this issue might have to do with the fact that I have the VGA to Component adapter in use so I switched back to the composite cable and the issue remained.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for looking at my post.
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Is the ATI decoder for the MMC application also installed?
What resolution is your PC desktop set to?
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As for the decoder I installed everything listed here when I installed mmc


I only have the HDTV connected as you are only able to use one display device when using the VGA to component adapter, but my resolution is set to 1152X648 @ 60Hz. I didn't think to test this with my CRT monitor. Maybe I should give that a try and rule something out. I have tried a few other resolutions with the same issue remaining. What do you think?
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Your problem may be that the adapter you have is a VGA to RGB component adapter used by some PC monitors and not a VGA to YPrPb component converter/adapter used by TVs. Since they can use the same video cables they often can be confused.
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I thought something similar so I removed the adapter and hooked up my CRT VGA desk top monitor and removed the HDTV and I'm still getting the same results. I cant seem to find any info about this issue on the ATI site. This is getting very frustration. Thank you for your help so far.
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Assuming that your VGA CRT PC monitor has a 4:3 aspect ratio screen.
If you are using VGA to your CRT desktop monitor and the display resolution and output resolution are set to 1024x768 do you also have problems with TV when running the ATI MMC application.

I just googled a little and came up with the following;


Apparently you need the 8.9 release of the CCC suite.
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OK I can try that. Funny thing is I just installed CCC 8.8 and didn't even notice 8.9 came out the next day

Yes when setting my desk top monitor to 4:3 (or any resolution for that matter) the TV app in MMC still only has audio and no video.

Here is another odd update. I downloaded the trial version of BeyondTV and its working wonderful with both my desk top monitor and my HDTV with the VGA to component adapter and CCC8.8. To bad its $70 to purchase, I love the BeyondTV front end. ATI's front end looks like crap when compared to it.
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I thinik the problem is caused by a bug between XP SP3 and MMC and it may have been fixed in 8.9 make sure you download the entire Suite.
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Well unfortunately CCC 8.9 didnt resolve this issue. BeyondTV is still working even though the playback is a little jumpy now. I really cant afford to spend $70 on a piece of software that should be working from factory with ATI's software. I dont know what I will do.

You have been helpful never the less, I would not have thought to use my desk top PC or try a different TV software. Thanks
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I've had a similar incident on my home office machine when I upgraded to the ver8.8 ccc: when showing the tv listings (channel thumbnails), there are pictures in each and a moving video in the current channel. but when trying to view the channel, it goes black. with audio.

Since i upgraded my system from the P4C800E Deluxe to a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P, I have no way to test it with the new 8.9 driver.
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I decided to put a system together for my son using the P4C800-E Deluxe. I did a fresh install of XP Pro SP2, downloaded the v8.9 catalyst drivers & multimedia packages, and still get only a black screen with audio. I then updated to SP3 and still no go. The thumbnails in the channel surfing all have pictures, so the tuner is set up properly....odd, indeed, since it used to work.
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