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Mits WS-65905 Picture Screwed Up (Lines and Ghosting)

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Hello everyone,

Just this morning my Mitsubishi WS-65905 Diamond rear projection set had the picture go bad.

I was watching the TV and everything was fine one minute, I turned around to work on the computer and then my wife walked in and asked what was screwed up with the TV.

I turned around and the picture was sort of ghosted where text was doubled and red and green were off. In the upper left hand corner, there is a curved line that comes down and covers maybe five inches before it curves back up and goes off the screen after about half the width of the screen. It's like this through the hi-def component input and the DVD input.

It's like the guns are way off, but the TV wasn't moved and and nothing was happening at the time. I heard no sound that would have indicated anything happened either.

Anyone else have this problem, or could anyone give me a head's up on what it might be and what it might cost to fix? If it's fairly cheap, I'll talk to a local TV shop to see if they can look at it. If it's going to be expensive, I might start shopping for a new TV.

Any help is appreciated!

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If your CRT RPTV is about 5 years old and the CRTs are liquid cooled then the liquid may have leaked onto the convergence board which may be right underneath the guns.
I have seen reports of this and the workaround was to put some sort of shield between the guns and the convergence board and to let the board dry off.
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My Dad's TV (Mits 55") just got the same symptoms about 3 days ago and his is about 6 years old. In his case, the curved image is blue and everything seemed to be doubled that was within the blue. I wonder if it is the same issue?
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Same thing here. It's just about 6 years old as well. I wonder if I should call Mits or just call a local TV tech. If there is some cooling system that leaked, I wonder what Mits might do for me.

The wife gave me a go ahead to buy a new TV this afternoon though, so I dunno if I should bother :-)

Seems wasteful to just junk a 6 year old 65 inch TV though. Especially if it could be fixed fairly cheaply...

Hopefully some more folks will have seen this issue and can give us some additional guidance.

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I just had my Philips 60PP9202 have the convergence ICs go bad about 2-3 weeks ago. I didn't get any curved lines, but there were basically 2 different pictures that I could pick out, the red and green. They looked the exact same, but the color on one was green and the other was red. I had never done any type of TV repair before so I was kinda weary, but it was alot cheaper than a repairman. I paid someone $25 to desolder and resolder on the new chips. Total cost to me including the new chips was about $65-$70 whereas a repair shop would cost about $400 probably.
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That explains my problem exactly. (the wavy color at the top of the screen) Have you had any luck?
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DIY http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...e-repairs.html
Or pay $400 for a tech to do it.
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Besides the source above, here are two other descriptions of convergence IC repairs, with photos:
http://techghetto.com/tv-repair/ (Philips 60" model)
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