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I recently dumped my Tivo for an SA 8300HD cable box with HD PVR.

One think I really miss is being able to watch web videos on my TV. I screen a lot of videos online universities and other source to locate content for use in teaching. (mostly mpeg, mp4, avi non drm'd)

I'm trying to figure the best way to view this type of content on my HDTV. Apple TV is an option, but I'm not sure it can support all formats. Getting an ipod touch is also an option...but again I worry about the formats.

I have an imac G4 right now. I can output low-def s-video through a long cable to the tv...but it's messy and a pain.

So I guess what I'm asking is what are your suggestions for this rather narrow purpose. I'm open to other hardware solutions like a wii or ps3 or xbox, a slingcatcher, or something else but since this is such a narrow need I'm not looking to spend more than a couple hundred bucks. Cheaper is better.

TIA for any advice / pointers!