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CBS Missing Center Channel Tonight?

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Anyone else watching The Big Bang Theory in HD and missing the center surround channel? It's happening even during commercials. Very strange.

I'm in Chicago suburbs and on Comcast.
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My friend on U-verse says he has the same problem.
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I just noticed yesterday that I am having issues with the sound from the CBS HD channel here in Chicago coming through Comcast.

I have a newer comcast box with the HDMI outputs but am currently using the component outs for video and digital coax for audio That goes to my Denon 2805 receiver which is then connected to a 5.1 speaker setup and a plasma tv via components.

The receiver shows that the audio is coming in as Dolby Digital but with only the FL and FR audio channels. All the other HD channels come in as Dolby Digital but with 5.1 audio channels.

I saw some posts in another forum on this site where a couple people were also having audio issues during the football game yesterday. For me, I was able to hear the crowd noise, the stadium announcer and the referee but that was it. Even the commercials were silent (no real complaints there). For the other people that were having issues, it seemed to eventually clear up for them.

As I was researching this issue, I started getting sound but only from the FL channel. I have another older hd comcast box in another room connected to a less sophisticated receiver and tv and the audio sounds fine.

Not really sure what could be going on--is it the broadcast, is it the receiver? Combination of both?
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I just created a thread about this, and it's on U-verse as well. Must be a local CBS problem.
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SOUNDS like they just fixed it at the start of How I Met Your Mother.

I wonder if this has to do with them changing to the new studio.
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Actually not better, now it's sounding very odd. Echoly/metallic sounding.
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Same with D*.
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WBBM was having some audio issues during football on Sunday and during the noon news today.
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no sound for me hd TiVo Chicago comcast
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At this point I'm still only getting sound through Front Left.
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Topics combined.

Please be specific with your location, provider, and CBS station you are watching.
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It's a WBBM issue. This weekend they switched to their new digital master control room and the audio's been funky ever since.
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funky should not equal zero :/
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Yep, issues here too. Most of HIMYM was fine, though, save for one 30-second span in the middle.

From what I can tell, they haven't discussed the problem during any of their live broadcasts, nor have they put a blurb on the cbs2chicago.com main page. Very disappointing.
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I'm getting all 5.1 channels here on Comast but it's much louder[still]than any other channel.
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Originally Posted by briansemerick View Post

funky should not equal zero :/

Exactly. The range of issues is quite interesting: from no sound to sound only in left front channel to no sound in center channel. Is the disparity because different receivers are handling the input differently.

Where's the undo button?
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Ok, local issue. Please take to the appropriate local topic.
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