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help me select a 1080p for mythtv -- EDID concerns

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I'm new to this forum but not to MythTV or linux. This place is a wealth of info, but I could not find exactly what I was looking for.. so bear with me and here goes:

I have a mythtv box that has been running with a normal computer monitor. It is time for me to move it to a 1080p flat-panel. I've tried this once before with a 720p pioneer 50" that belonged to a friend and the results were subpar and far from what I expected.

The last time around the 720p Pioneer refused to run at the native 1366x768 resolution when being driven by my ATI via a DVI to HDMI cable. It only ran at 1024x768. I wanted to keep the signal digital so VGA was never attempted. No amount of fiddling in xorg.conf would get it working at 720p. I learned that the TV had incorrect EDID info and I was at wits end trying to get a custom modeline working. I gave up for over a year, and I am considering trying it again.

I currently have an older ATI card which is able to drive a 1920x1200 flat panel monitor at 60Hz; I have no reservations about replacing it with a newer ATI radeonHD card if needed to get 1080p recognized. My sticking point has been finding the right 1080p TV with correct EDID.

My questions:

1. Are there 46" to 50" 1080p TVs that work with Xorg to deliver a native resolution picture out of the box?
2. I'd like to not spend days trying to get a custom mode line working, I just want a TV that can talk to Xorg with correct EDID info and have my video card recognize it as 1080p with minimal hassle.

I'd be very interested to hear your experiences with this.

The TV itself will spend its entire life as essentially a computer monitor so multiple inputs and other fancy functionality are of secnodary importance to its primary requirement of working well and easily with Xorg.

thanks in advance

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I have a Sony KDL-40V3000 which was recognized immediately by EDID using the proprietary Linux driver for my nVidia card. It's connected via a DVI to HDMI cable and runs at 1920x1080. I think it was also recognized when I used the VGA ports on each end as well. I run the TV at 1280x720 because I can't read the text from across the room at the higher resolution.
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I have a 56" Samsung LED DLP that does 1080p from my HTPC without fuss. It has both a standard analog RGB computer connection and a digital hdmi connection labeled for digital computer input.
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Thanks guys, this gives me some hope that things have gotten better since my experience with the Pioneer.

I will look into Sony and Samsung's offerings. It would be great if the rest of their offerings had correct EDID info.

EzinKy, which graphics card were you using?

Anyone else have good results with correct EDID and 1080p displays?

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I use a Radeon 800 XT most of the time, but I also will stick in a 2600 XT every now and then to check the progress of its support in the open source drivers. The 2600 does work fairly well with fglrx but I'm one of those "purist" types.
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Im another purist at heart and will try to stick with the open radeonHD drivers, assuming my old X300 card cannot push 1080 with the radeon driver.

Anyone else have a good experience getting xorg to play nice with 1080p?

Im perplexed why xorg users have to suffer with modeline issues and it seems to "just work" for windows.

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I was able to bring my old SFF MythBox back to life today with the addition of a Sharp LC-46D64U.

Im typing this with the Sharp running as a monitor to the linux box. The video card is a Radeon X300 (RV370) running xorg's opensource radeon driver, connection between the two is a DVI -> HDMI converter cable. I had considered getting one of the fanless 3450 cards with HDMI out, but it was unnecessary as this card filled the role just fine.

I removed the old monitor specific resolution lines in the xorg.conf, started up X and was pleasantly surprised to see the TV snap to 1080p. Sharp's EDID is spot on, no fuss what so ever. I set the TV to "dot-by-dot" and the background image displayed perfectly. I watched some 720p TV episodes using mplayer. Things were great, I couldnt be happier.

I need to re-vamp my old myth install and bring lirc back up to work with xmms and mplayer again. I'll probably try out the latest kernel in a few.

In summary, the Sharp 46" LC-46d64u works out of the box with the opensource radeon driver at 1920x1080 with no need for custom mode lines and most importantly with no headache involved!

thanks for the help and moral support

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