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TV SHOWS for ideas

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Last week on the DIY Network they aired a 5 part series called Home Theater Workshop. You can go to their website: www.diynetwork.com and do a search for home theater workshop or anything having to do with home theater and get some good info from stuff that was televised. I think you can watch past episodes right on their website too. Just the other day they showed how you can make your own Acoustic Panels and treatments for your room.

They have another show called SWEAT EQUITY that is a cool one to watch as well where they do a lot of rennovations and can't forget about yet another show called MAN CAVES!!!
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I've watched the HT Workshop shows and by and large they are junk. They do explain quite a bit, but there is a lot of information that is outdated or simply wrong.

Man Caves and Sweat Equity are good for some ideas.

Stick to this forum. You'll learn much more about HT here than you will anywhere else!

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