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HD picture too wide - HELP!

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I have a 32" Samsung A450 LCD. Resolution is 1366x768. I have cable connected to the TV through component. TV displayed HD pictures at full-screen and displayed SD pictures scaled down (black borders around all 4 sides of the picture). All was happy until this weekend...

I connected a laptop to the TV through the VGA port. Laptop resolution is 1440x900, so the picture was too big for the TV. I changed the laptop resolution to 1360x768 and the PC image displayed properly. I made no changes to the TV settings other than to change the input to PC.

After disconnecting the laptop, the TV is now displaying all images on the component cable slightly larger than it should. The picture options in the TV are:
16:9 (fullscreen, but zoomed in slightly too far cutting off the sides of images)
Zoom1 (grayed out)
Zoom2 (grayed out)
Wide Fit (full screen, zoomed in WAY too far)
4:3 (black bars on 2 sides of image, sides of image cut off)
Just Scan (fullscreen, zoomed in slightly less than 16:9, but still zoomed in too far)

All SD images are now stretched into fullscreen instead of scaled down with black borders around all 4 sides.

I have been through every menu option related to picture size and input multiple times and cannot find a solution. Is it possible that when connecting the laptop at 1440x900 it convinced the TV to try to blow up all images that big even though it can't display them fully? Sounds odd, but I'm completely out of ideas, and everything was fine until the laptop was connected. Is there some cache I can clear that might fix the problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read and respond!
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Are you aware that the picture size settings are set and saved separatly for each resolution over each interface?
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I assumed they are, but I didn't have it in writing. I'm just struggling to explain why my picture changed over component when all I messed with was PC. Nothing else changed, so that's all I have to look at.

I've cycled through every picture option on the TV, so I don't know what else to do.

Perhaps I will try hooking up the cable with HDMI tonight and that might make it work correctly? I'm really struggling to find a logical solution to this...
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Try for help in the display section for your TV type also, this area isn't really for display problems.

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