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I,ve been working on a series 1 Phillips Tivo 312,160 gig system for a while now.Through elimination,it seems that the data cable socket on the MB has a bad connection. I have 6 Tivos and got my 1ST in 1999,before they hit the stores and have upgraded even more. But this one is a nut buster !! Even w/a good connection from cable to MB, it srill random reboots. Mostly if you task it too much. (Season pass changes, Pause and slow, Some searches)
Have changed HD,data cable power supply and any thimg else I could think of ,but still no luck !
Any body out there have a similar issue ? If so could you possibly lend me a hand w/some suggestions.
I also have 2 others w/problems,but will leave them for another time !!!!
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!