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Stuck in DTV mode, Sharp Aquos LC-37RD2S.

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Im not new to this forum, just as poster: helpseeker.

Thing is I bought a new Sharp Aquos LC-37RD2S for a couple of weeks ago.

When I came home I installed it ang hung it on my wall. Later on while watching I accidentally hit the "DTV" button and there was no way getting back to "regular analog TV". Since I dont have a CA-module the screen is just black and showing "DTV" up in the right corner. There was no way getting back to regular tv so I pressed all buttons like a maniac and all of a sudden it came back.

Now I've managed to press the damn DTV button again but this time Im stuck! Doesnt matter if I switch the set off or pull the plug because since you cant start the TV by pressing a number (you have to push the power button to switch it on) it always starts on the last channel... DTV that is.

If I press the "Source" button which should be the obvious to change to "TV" or EXT like HMDI the LED on the front blinks for 6 seconds and then the menu just flashes by.

THERE IS NO LOGIC WAY TO CHANGE SOURCE!! Except the obvious to press the change source button that doesnt work. Not even pressing the button on the TV has any affect.

Is there someway I can factory reset the TV or enter a secret menu or something because now my TV is just a blank shiny brick.

I havent talked to sharp or reseller about this yet (since its sunday).
Please help!
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Just a guess, but have you unplugged the tv for about 5 minutes and replugged it. And look in your owner's manual as they may have some instructions on how to get your tv back to set up mode and that might help as well.
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Yup, had it unplugged over night... Still starts up with the black DTV screen that I cant get out of... I've read the manual from end to end. There is nothing anywhere that helps... Only thing I need to know is how to make a factory reset or something like that because nothing works!
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Hey there, it's been over four years since you posted this and I just googled my problem with my LC32D44E-BK. I don't have a solution for future seekers, I just wanted to say it seems totally and comepletely ****ed and that no amount of time of keeping it unplugged can help.
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Arent you in luck!? I'm still alive! smile.gif
I contacted Sharp who send out a technician who upgraded the firmware and viola! smile.gif

Too bad it was the only solution frown.gif
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