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Comcast DVR 3 Yamaha Input Programming

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I have a Yamaha HTR-5790 receiver and programmed my comcast dvr 3 remote to work with it yesterday using the discrete on/off codes. The remote works well and controls the volume, muting, and some various other commands work through some of the other buttons.

Some numbers on the keypad change the input to different things. For example 5 switches the input to TV but so does 6. I think 3 switches to CD. Not all the inputs though are represented and not all the number buttons do something. There is not number associated with the VCR input.

Does anyone know how to program the remote to get the VCR input to work work?

Also, the only other functionality I would like to add to the remote would be the ability to change through the various sound filters - Dobly, Dolby II - Movies, Dolby II - Music, Stereo - 2 Channel, Stereo - 6 Channel etc.

Thanks for any help.
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Here are some codes which may work. If your remote uses 5 digit codes, add two zeros to the beginning of each code.

CD Input 120
Tuner Input 118
VCR input 058
DVD Input 177
MD/CD-R Input 245
DTV/CBL Input 122
VCR Input 2 048
AUX Input 104
Night Mode 128
Stereo Toggle 102
vol up 247
vol down 251
mute 244
Tuner preset up 117
Tuner preset down 121
Sleep 106
Power On (Discrete) 248
Power Off (Discrete) 246
Menu/(Presets A/B/C/D/E) 119
Preset 1 208
Preset 2 206
Preset 3 210
Preset 4 077
Preset 5 081
Preset 6 079
Preset 7 083
Preset 8 076
Group A 205
Group B 209
Group C 207
Group D 211
Group E 204
Music Video 060
Concert Hall 061
Movie Theater 1 062
Rock Concert 063
TV Theater 064
Jazz Club 065
Movie Theater 2 066
Entertainment 067
Dolby Digital/DTS 125
6 Ch Input 194
DTV/CBL Input Dup 100
MD/CDR Input Dup 049
6.1/5.1 130
Option menu 000
(Delay Times/Levels) 001
Menu 002
Test 192
Set Menu 252
Basic menu 254
Level 190
Dsp Levels 172
6 Channel 229
(Prev Channel) 233
Prev Effect 107
Next Effect 103

You can test them by just pressing P (or whatever your setup key is labeled) followed by the code, in AUX mode of course. The How to link in my signature has detailed instructions.
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Wow. I've been looking all over for days for this. Thanks! I will try it when I get home tonight and report back.

Thanks again this is awesome.
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On my Yamaha rx-657 all of the codes I tried worked for me except VCR2.

BTW, where do these codes come from? Also, if anyone has a fix for VCR2 please let me know.


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They come from HERE. They are decoded using a process like the one described HERE. The VCR2 command for your model receiver is 123. I used THIS file in Remote Master to get many codes and decode the one you asked for by converting the hex codes to decimal where the first byte is the Device number and the second byte is the OBC. The EFC is calculated from those.

All these use the AUDIO setup code (3)0176, 1176, 1276 or 1376 where the leading 3 is used on remotes that take 5 digit setup codes.
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Very Cool!

I will give this new VCR 2 code a try.

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First i would like to thank everyone here; this and other threads on this site have been extremely helpful. One thing I have been trying to do is program the inputs for my receiver onto the actual number keys of the comcast remote (ie assign CD input to the number 1, VCR input to number 7, etc).
I have had no problem assigning keys such as volume, etc by pressing the following
1. aux
2. press and hold SETUP for two blinks
3. enter 9 9 4
4. tap setup for one blink
5. enter code such as 00247
6, pick an unused key

The only problem I am having now is that since the "unused key" that I am attempting to use is a number pad key it doesn't seem to be working. I was trying to assign the CD input to keypad number one, so for step 5 i hit 00120, and step six i hit 1, but it doesn't work like normal because I am essentially typing in 001201 so i think the remote thinks I am still typing in a code when I hit the 1. Any way to do this differently to make it work? Thanks again for the help,
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It should work fine with numbers. The problem may be that your remote has cable channel lock on. You can turn it off and try again: Hold setup for 2 blinks, 973, CH- to unlock (4 blinks for success). To lock again, press CH+ then the device button you want the channel/numbers to control in all mode (CBL for example) - 2 blinks for success.

Also realize you can put more funcitons on shifted keys. For example, you could keep your primary number functions and put inputs on shifted numbers. Setup is the shift key on your remote. To assign a function to a shifted key, tap Setup before the target key. To use a shifted function, tap Setup once before the key, or twice it the key is a number. For example, if you've assigned Eject to Shift-Stop, then pressing Stop will perform the Stop funciton, but pressing Setup then Stop will Eject. If you assign CD input to Shift-2, then pressing 2 will send the 2 command as usual, but pressing Setup-Setup-2 will select the CD input.
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