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Daytime Picture Question

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I think I already know the answer but wanted to run it by you all before I look in to something else.

My back patio faces east and is completely covered so sunshine is off it around 9:00 am. We have a fake fireplace inside and there is a build out along the outer wall, under the patio, where there is brick. What I am wondering is if it would be possible to put a pull down screen that would come down over the brick, then mount a projector to the ceiling of the covered patio. The screen size would may be only 6-8 feet diag. and the projector would be only maybe 10 feet or less from the screen. Any chance of making this work for daytime hours? Thanks.
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Not likely with any kind of an affordable projector.

Temporarily put up a white sheet or painters tarp and try it. It's really the only way you'll know.
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It might be possible...

You would need to keep all direct light off of the screen for sure.

I played around on the calculator with this setup:

Optoma EP1691 - 720p 2500 lumen DLP
72" diagonal screen - Dalite High Power material
Image throw = 10 feet

I got 417 footLamberts for brightness. For reference, indoor light controlled spaces only need 12 to 16 fL.

In an additional note - I checked using a high contrast matte material with a 0.8 gain and the fL dropped to 119. A typical plasma tv is 40 fL.

It might be worth a look see. Let us know what happens if you check it out.
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Thanks for the replies. I am busy researching projectors to give this a try. If nothing else, we use it at night or even inside.
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what temp do you have at night
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I'd love to hear how this turns out. My experience is that it's almost impossible to get a decent picture without at least 80 percent light control. When I use my PJ in the living room inside during the day, I need full blinds and drapes to get a decent pic, and even then, it's spectacularly underwhelming compared to what it can be.

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Thanks for the help on this too, guys. There is a lot of useful stuff on this board.
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I know it isn't the situation you described, but if you can do rear projection, you might have better luck. It will still be very hard to get a projector give you an image you can live with during daylight, but rear projection might do better. If you had a storage shed, for example, where you can put the projector inside and make a screen that fits on the door? Open the door and then project from inside the shed to the back of the screen?

Just throwing out some ideas...
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I rented a 10k lumen projector for an Olympic Telecast we held. I was sorely disappointed in its performance. I only needed the 10k portion for the first 20 minutes of the ceremony, then my 3500 lumen projector would have been fine. Rental company said "Oh no, 10k lumens is more than enough!"

It was very dim, and we didn't have any sunlight on the projector at all. I wound up zooming it way in on our big screen to get an ok output. At the following commercial break when it was dark enough, I zoomed it out full size. Sun light bounces off everything!
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Give it a go by all means but indoors most any bright room artificial light is an image killer and sunlight/daylight is nuclear image death.

I've used commercial quality projectors with rear projection screens in large meeting rooms for business applications and we had to dim the lights.

You might see a visible image on the screen but it will be washed out, no blacks, no contrast - not worth watching.

Now at night a brighter model projector works great - we enjoy it now and then.
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There is a solution, but it is not exactly inexpensive. Go with the high-gain dnp Supernova screen and a 10K lumens projector, and you'll definitely have a very watchable image. We demo'd this for a customer who ended up not buying the system, but it definitely did work.
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