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tivo basics?

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I'm thinking about getting a tivo. I have direct tv. How much would it cost to buy one (i heard direct tv will rent it to you, i'd rather buy it), and what is the extra monthly cost? Anything else I should know about it? Thanks.


I will also need an HD one because our current receiver is HD and I'd die without that now.
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direct tv no longer has a contract with tivo.

at the moment no one does. but i heard recently they again partnered up with someone to again produce boxes for sat/cable companys. i forget who the partnership was with though.....

i had a tivo when i had directtv. it was a great unit but older, non-hd and small hard drive. i wanted to upgrade, but since they no longer had tivo i changed providers. the dish ViP722 i have now is a great unit. now that im used to it i like it almost as much as my tive.

my favb feature on the tivo was when you hit play after fast forwarding, it automagically went bak a few seconds so you didnt miss any of your show.
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How about this direct tv plus hd dvr. We already have the local channels and hd subscription, so how much would it add to the bill?
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that unit is fine im sure. You had mentioned Tivo. I assumed you were looking for an actual Tivo unit. Did you simply mean a DVR unit?

As for the bill, that something you would have to talk to them about.
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yea i meant a dvr, but i just call any dvr a tivo
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