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Panasonic AX100U

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Many of you are aware of the iris problem. I had mine about 17 months when it developed the problem. Fortunately, the warranty had been extended and it was covered. I had to pay about $30 for shipping and insurance and the rest was covered. Heartland replaced the iris with the iris for the ax-200u.

Here's the weird part. When Heartland has it, they call me and tell me my lamp is tired. I said it's fine - just return it. When I get it, it doesn't work at all. The lamp won't turn on. It's broke. I have to buy a new lamp. I install it and everything is fine. The new lamp is no brighter than the original.

Maybe the shipping out made it tired and the shipping back made it broke. I asked Heartland if I should file a UPS claim. They tell me no. That's the way it was.

My advice - don't inlcude the lamp if you're sending your PJ to Heartland for repair.
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Do you know how many hours you had on the projector when the iris started having problems? I think that I am around the 700 mark right now and had mine for about 10 months now. I know when I purchased mine it was close to the date when they started fixing them before they went out.

Thanks for the information!

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