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I recently finished my karaoke game, SingSong. It allows you to karaoke with any song in the world and scores you based on how well you sing. It is Java based so runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here is the site:

I've been using it in our HT and it is a lot of fun. Every time we end up staying up super late singing ourselves hoarse. I never liked karaoke before this project, but since the game scores you there is actually a reason to sing like an idiot. Plus in the theater we crank the volume to reduce embarrassment. Also alcohol helps if you are into that! I never feel like I get enough use out of the theater since the wife won't go into the bat cave during the day (she says it makes her depressed to spend the day in the dark...), so it is nice to have another reason to have people over to use the theater than just movies. She enjoys beating me at a video game a little too much I think.

Any feedback on the site, game, graphics, pitch detection, etc would be greatly appreciated!