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BH200 Firmware upgrade issues

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I got my BH200 about a month ago. I was getting the occasional video/audio dropouts from the get-go. I downloaded all the firmware updates from the LG website and put them on a USB drive (unzipped, and named in order by date). I updated the player's firmware starting from the oldest version to the newest, and everything seemed to run smoothly. I don't get drop-outs anymore and the player seems pretty stable.....EXCEPT for some reason I can't play any HD-DVD or BD movies with the resolution at 1080P. I was able to before the firmware upgrade, so I know it's not my other equipment. Has anyone else experienced this? Plus I also get little cracks of audio when I switch between previews and menus at the beginning of a movie. Would running an optical cable between the BH200 and my receiver eliminate that?
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It would help if you indicated the make/model of your TV and AV receiver. Also, indicate how you are connected, ie: HDMI>AV>TV or something different.

Just for future reference, there is no need to update firmwares in order. You can go from the oldest firmware, to the newest firmware in one step. Also, the driver update cannot be downloaded from the LG website. You need to have the BH200 networked to the internet and run a network update to get the newest driver (this is what makes the actual disc reader run). There is a link to a 3rd party hosted download for the latest driver in the firmware thread if you cannot connect the BH200 to your broadband.
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