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Yeah blast that is a cool pic,show it to your wife...

When I first saw it I send it to some of my female friends...needless to say they had a nice laugh! (...then they accused it of being soooo Martin! using tech to convey a concept such as this!)

yeah what did happen to this PJ???

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oohh i think i'ts a T-Rex egg! Cool!!
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Billboard in its brief MIPCOM/VIDCOM round-up in the October 2 1976 issue mentioned that this machine was shown at the Palais d'Festival, and that the distributeur was Speywood. The Advent and some GE units represented by Videac Electronique and a new entry by the UKs Zygma electronics are the listed competitors.

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I still have mine, plus spare parts. If there's anyone in New England interested, contact me. I say New England, because shipping this beast would be extremely expensive, not to mention crating it properly.
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college it,at avs forums i wrote about the projection systems,Inc 3 cv projector.do to glitches,people do not undrstand my write up.so i'll rerun what i wrote elsewhere.have you seen the superman movie with the late chris reeve.if not rent this move made 1978.the projector you have or wrote about is in the superman movie.lex luthor ah gene hackman is watching images on a 10 foot screen,from projector same as yours.i also watched the 1980 world series,on a 10 foot picture at this bar south of miwaukee wisconsin.i,m otis7654
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