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Non functioning Oppo 981 remote - updated, solved

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Edit - I figured out my problem immediately after posting the below.

I used Lithium AAA batteries in the remote. I suspected that might have something to do with it, so when I swapped them with alkalines, it now worked.

This is the only remote I ever had where lithium didn't work... I was under the impression lithium and alkaline were interchangeable, but apparently that isn't totally the case.

I waited months and months to finally get a new setup going. After waiting for a Panasonic Plasma TH-PZ65850U set with a stand (and doing it in the worst economic time period), getting it setup (backbreaking work), burning the break-in DVD, and getting ready to run it in my new Oppo SDI modified 981...

The Oppo remote control does not work.

It's not the batteries, they tested good.

It's not a signal problem, all other remote controls work.

So here I sit, road-blocked because of a stupid remote control that doesn't work.

I got the Oppo 981 from Custom Home Theater. Is it possible the SDI mod messed something up with the remote?

Has anyone else experienced a problem like this?

How can I determine if the remote is functioning at all? Is it supposed to light up anywhere, because mine doesn't.

How do I get *just* a new remote control? I really don't want to wait a week or more for it, I'm praying someone can sell me one with overnight shipping.

I'd appreciate any help in troubleshooting this ridiculous problem. (This is the first time in my entire life that a new out of the box product had a non functioning remote control.
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Gutsy follow-up post. Thanks. You didn't mention the lithiums before. Must be the higher voltage in lithiums. Over 3v versus 1.5v for alkalines.

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I freely admit I can be an idiot. Besides, it's useful information someone might find helpful one day.

Incidentally, I have lithiums in the remote for the TH-PZ65850U, and it works fine.

I usually buy lithiums because they cost twice as much but usually last over two times as long as alkalines.
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